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A day of Baio and Drisco

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So it seems as if my best friend Baio is moving to Portland. She is feeling the need for some new scenery and some quality people in her life. SO Portland will get her! I admit that its a little hard to take, even though I come and go and come and go and left her for 3 months so I go could go do what I do in Hawaii. So instead of crying about it we took the time we had and made a small little road trip. 

a thank you for making me feel like a real photographer.

Pin It to everyone who came to my reception i owe you a great thanks! I am so grateful to those of who showed me support! It was a brilliant time and I feel like such a real photographer.

  so thank you! 

Jason & Kim

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Jason and Kim.

I had such a good time with this fun-loving
easy family. We got to play in the ocean get dirty, and just have fun! Here are a few of my favorites.

Worlds Fastest Indian

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Yesterday I went out with 4 guys from the band called Worlds Fastest Indian. This is the product.

Its coming along!

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My exhibition! I got the photos today!
Its like I'm a real photographer! I'm so excited. 
they are big, and good, and beautiful. I am and will be proud to
show them. I'm stoked! 


Exhibition.... Another Date.

Pin It i had orginally told you all that my exhibition would be THIS Friday. Well that has been changed, due to something? 

   so the real date for it will be

           June 20th 1008
           6-8 PM
           Art Works Downtown Cafe
           Hanford, Ca

PLEASE COME! I will show some of my work, and this being my first
real show, I'm a little nervous. So come, enjoy coffee, food, and some art (hopefully!) and show the local artist a bit of support!

Folding Chair

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It seems as if I have some pretty good looking friends. Today I was listening to the sounds of Regina Spektor. I heard one particular song, and decided that I wanted to make a video to it.  I called up one my good friends, Katie, and she modeled for me. These are the product of the shoot. Soon I will have the video up. But until then..
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