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Jacob & Destiny

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Jacob & Destiny
Redlands Ca.

Kellen and I drove the 6 hours down to Redlands
(although it only took 4 to get home. figure that out)
to meet Destiny and Jacob. Well, I am lucky enough
to know Destiny for the last past 4 years. As we did spend
6 months of our lives in the great country of Fiji together!
I was honored for her to ask me to shoot her wedding, and 
was also excited that this was my first wedding with Kellen
AND my new 5D! 

So the wedding. The was beautiful. It was in this old rustic
wood and brick building. I was in love with it! It was so much
fun to shoot this wedding, and was so happy to be there. 
Destiny and Jacob seem like they belong together, and I 
hope that I captured the love that they had for each other in the
photos. It was overwhelming at the wedding. 
Congratulations Jacob & Destiny!


Valentines Love

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Lots of stuff going on for WeeNo Photography.
First off.
I got a new camera.
yeah I said that already, but I'm really super excited about it.
I got to shoot my first wedding with it!
And love the wedding I got to shoot!

This is Jacob and Destiny.
I know Destiny from one of the places I have lived in.
We were in Fiji together, and have known each other for
4 years now.
I got an e-mail from her while in Switzerland,
declaring her engagement, and also asking me to shoot
her wedding! I of course, said yes!
It was so good to be there, and see some others from Fiji!
The wedding was beautiful, was at this old brick rustic building.
It was amazing, as was the wedding. They even washed each others
feet. I was so happy to be there, and happy to be able to share these
moments with her and her new husband! Plus, this was Kellens first wedding!
It was so nice to have an extra set of hands, and eyes! He did a brilliant job!

So, this is just a sneak peak of what to come!
Stay tuned for more!

well, Valentines Day and New camera!
what do I want to do?
I want a photo shoot!
So thats exactly what I had.
I've seen this done a bit, well not to
this extreme, but I have this sweet orange
chair in my room and I thought it would look
so cool outside in the green grass, and then Kellen
thought we should bring lamp. I of course agreed.
We piled it up in the car, and went hunting.
Turns out we have a ginormous green field behind us.
And this is what we came up with.
Lots of fun.

This ones dedicated to the SDC

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This has nothing to do with WeeNo Photography itself.
But this has everything to do with how crazy life was just
2 months ago.
has it really been that long?

This is my staff, I think it was almost the last day of school, I dont know.
but I do know that we were all crazy by this time, and over everything.

I miss them. I miss living in the community. I miss Switzerland.
I miss my roomate. And doing the Sunday Show.
I don't miss the stress. I don't miss all the work.

In other news!
My new camera and lenses arrived just today and yesterday.
Its a big step in my photography career.
I am shooting a friends wedding this weekend.
Its Kellens first wedding, and my first wedding with the new camera!
I'm stoked about it, and can't wait to put photos up.

Just another Sunday..

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Wake up.
Have a shower.
Head to the airport.
Go for an airplane ride around town.
Just another Sunday for the LaMattino family.
really. its true.
My brother bought a plane while I was out of the country.
I asked for a ride, and so today we went for a ride.
Now, this airplane, this airplane was amazing.
Orange & Brown. pretty 70's. I was in love.
We had a brilliant time, although the fog was still in the air.
The visibility was apparently almost bad enough for it to be illegal to fly.
We braved it, and went anyways.
It was good. And here are some photos.
Maybe you can pretend like you were there to.

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