Hello. We are Ash & Kellen. We are WeeNo Photography.

Front Yard Photo Shoot

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My brother, he has two kids and one on the way. They live next door to me. The kids are here alot. So, Corbin, the nephew, came over yesterday. His hair was unusually cute, and he smelt of dirty grease from the shop. I couldn't help myself, I just had to take some photos. So he rode his tricycle and I took photos. 
He's finally at that age where you can take photos of him, and he likes it. He even gives you a cute little fake smile. I love kids, just as long as they are not mine to keep forever and ever..... not yet. but nieces and nephews, if you don't have one, you should get on that. They are amazing!


These are For you Luke.

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Theres a certain Mr. Luke has asked me to post some of my photos on here. Its good that he asked me to do it, because otherwise it might have been awhile. 

       I was looking through my photos, and I wanted to post something that I haven't ever really posted before. When I was in Hawaii this last Winter, I went to a rodeo. Rodeo & Hawaii, I just couldn't pass it up. Enjoy!

Davis Family

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"The Davis Family"
     Ben, Kelty, Hannah, & Logan. One happy fun family. I got to take their photos a few weeks ago. It was so much fun! The kids were good, and the parents were amazing!
    They let me be really creative with my photos which I really appreciated. Thank you DAVIS FAMILY!

Keeping the Earth a little bit greener.

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WeeNo Photography is all about being green. I don't like those big trucks that everyone drives, but I know that not everyone can just sell their cars, so instead why not change your lightbulbs? 

  JUST DO IT. This sight might encourage you too, and make you think its the "cool" thing to do.

          Unscrew America

An exhibition for WeeNo Photography

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   Together! Finally! Friday June 6th, I will be having a reception at Art Works

   I am scared at putting my stuff out, and seeing the peoples reaction. I'm wondering how I will put them on the actual wall? What
kind of print should I put up! Oh man. I love taking the photos, but do I really like to show my stuff? I am just going to have to practice, and keep doing it. 

   So pray that I do well, that God will give me creativity in my presentation, and that people will have grace on my work and I! 

  If you live near me, please please come! Come support me and have some food, coffee, and art. 


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So, like I said before, I had been working on some new posters. This week, I went on the hunt for new interesting brushes, and made these. I showed someone and they asked if I designed business cards. I thought about it, and I said yes. So maybe I'll get into designing new things. 
Pin It So, I decided to make a new business card. i painted my room this weekend, and so I put my old
school camera against the green wall and made this.

Blogging.. a new concept.

Pin It WeeNo Photography and Blogging. I just never thought they would go together. But my best friend, she told me that photographers have to do it, and its just the "it" thing to do, and it goes well with the whole website stuff.

  So here I am for all of you (whoever you may be) to read about my life, where I am, and see the pictures that I have randomly taken. Maybe the interests I have been in to..

 We'll see how this all works out.
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