Hello. We are Ash & Kellen. We are WeeNo Photography.

80's CrazyBooth!

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Crazybooth meets the 80's

For Andrew and Amber's rehearsal dinner,
they thought they would do a themed party.
These families took that for serious.
They took the 80's to a new limit.
I was impressed.
Kellen and I made a makeshift softbox,
cardboard box, light, plastic bag, and some zip ties,
and brought it to the pizza place, along with some props.
It happened here at WeeNo Photography.
It was a blast.
I even sneaked into one photo.
Can you find me!?
Listen to some Flock of Seagulls, or Boy George,
whoever, and take a flash back to the 80's!

Wirth Wedding. SNEAK PEAK

Pin It You've seen them before..
shopping carts.
well they just got married Saturday.
and it was AMAZING!
the shot were amazing,
and so were they!
Here's a sneak peak!

E-session with Jordan & Christina

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Meet Jordan & Christina.
I went to school with Christina, but haven't talked or heard
from her for 4 or possibly 5 years. I got an e-mail from her,
telling me that she was getting married and wanted to possibly
have me take the engagement photos. So we met, and decided a day
and Saturday was that day. We went out, all 4 of us, Kellen included
and did some trespassing. Kellen and I have been dying to shoot at
this old barn, so we took them out there, and shot away. They loved
it just as much as we did, and we got some pretty stellar shots.

They are getting married in August, and hopefully we will get to
shoot their wedding. It was such a blast to hang out with these two,
and get to capture their love!

6 years and counting

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Its been busy here at WeeNo Photography.
I've been pounding away at editing photos, and getting
things done before we leave for Wisconsin (Kellens sister
is getting married) on Tuesday the 17th.

Dominika left, and we had a blast, we went to San Fran and the coast; maybe
one day I'll get some of those up. It was Brilliant!
Then working overnighters. Phew!

But I had some time this week to go out with my nephew,
Corbin, who turned 6 on March 2nd. And if you knew him,
or ran into him, you would have known! He got heaps of
star wars stuff, Kellen and I were included on that star wars
adventure of toys. Legos. Who knew they were so expensive.
Kellen and Doms even got so creative that they drew
Yoda and CP3O on the wrapping paper! The kids, and ADULTS
were all throughly impressed.

So long ago, before I was a real photog, Corbin would go to
Sears portrait studio and he won this life time.. okay 10 years worth
of free photos. So they have been going for the past 6 years.
But this year, he asked if Kellen and I could take his photos. We
of course jumped at the chance and said yes. No sears.. no thanks.
i know how that get-up works, I worked there for a horrible 3 months
of my life. anyways. We went out, to the back yard, brought his little
mini rocking chair along, and had a blast. He was so good, and is turning
into quite the model. I'm throughly impressed at how good he does.

So here's the one and only 6 year old CORBIN JAMES!

The Browns

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High School.
5 girls.

we equalled the "browns"
i know cheezy. but hey its HS.
So Katie lives in Portland, with Hillary
Karen lives in LA (she unfortunately was NOT there)
Jes here,
and me. I'm not sure where I live

So, its been awhile since we have been together,
and it was great.
we even brought the boys,
some of us.
and had some ice cream at the
infamous Superior Dairy.

Doms, you met her in the last post,
she has been here, and hung out with the browns
quite a bit, we call here the "honorary member"
was there as well.

I brought the camera, and did a little session
with each one.
then Kellen brought out his big guns,
and shot us all.
He made us look awesome.
although, we are pretty bad word awesome.
So enjoy the "Browns"

This is Katie.. shes a twin... her twin is in LA..
Katie lives in Portland

This is Jesalyn. She lives here in Hanford. She is our halfrican.

Hillary. Hillary is the youngest of us. She is living in Portland with Katie

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