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Happy Thanksgiving.

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Its thanksgiving today.. in the states.
There is the Macy's day parade,
and stuffing, and mashed potatoes, and 
amazing smells, and beautiful trees?
no turkey for me, but for the rest of the non-veggies
out there there will be, and perhaps even some gravy to
smother your turkey in as well.

But for us in Switzerland its just another day.
I woke up and didn't even realize it was thanksgiving
until just a few hours ago, when a foreigner told me
it was thanksgiving, or maybe facebook told me.
Life goes one, and we have another project.
We are doing a film editing program this week, final cut.
Its been a good week, a kiwi who has lived in Germany for the last
29 years is teaching, and doing a good job at it. Our projects
that we are doing today is recreating a scene from a movie.
so i will brave the cold, and go shoot with
live video, not still. weird.

For my thanksgiving lunch I had veggie thai green curry
with rice. it was good. I was thankful. I will work tonight 
and maybe call home just to hear the rumble and roar of
the homestead. It will make me miss home and the kiddo's
and the stuff i'm missing, but soon I will be home! I bought my plane 
ticket home! I return to California the 7th of January with
the boy of my dreams. mr kellen. It felt so weird buying a ticket
home. For the last three months I wasn't sure what I was doing.
But now its settled, I'll go home, and see my family who I'm really
excited to see, and share my 23rd birthday with!! I'm excited.

So happy thanksgiving.

Sunday Show in the Snow

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So, this sunday. this sunday is really really special.
In honour of us not doing it last week, we did two this week!

It has been snowing all weekend. I talked to my nephew
today and he made a special request to go and do the sunday show 
in the "log" meaning of course the blog!! 
So, Viola and I grabbed he saran wrap, bundled my computer
and us up, and headed out into the blizzard. this is what has come out of it.

Friday Introduction..

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So I missed last week. Sorry. It could have qualified as my most stressful
week so far! It was brutal. But this week, this week was quite the opposite!
I want to introduce you to our guest speaker of the week, Philipp Bohlen!!
He introduced us to the amazing program of After Effects.
It was a intimidating program, but he made it quite usable and we
all did super jobs!

Philipp is from the German part of Switzerland. He is an art director
and designer. He also does some photography on the side! Hes quite
brilliant at what he does. I was astonished at the things he produced.
I throughly enjoyed having him her. He taught me alot, and we talked
photography, and just had fun! So thank you Philipp for joining the SDC
for another week of craziness!!   ONLY 4 WEEKS LEFT!!!


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Eggnog you might ask?
well, today Becky and I were talking about the joys 
of christmas, and what comes along with the joys 
of christmas. Eggnog seemed to be on the list. i
shared my deep hatred for eggnog, and the smell,
and the thickness. she then suggested the idea of making 
a blog post that was called eggnog. 
so becky this is for you!

So for those of you who don't know Becky Frith, 
WeeNo photography is introducing you to the wonders
and talents of. She is staffing here at the base, and is 
a very talented singer songwriter. We had a brilliant 
time taking photos, and exploring the wonders and 
people of Burtingy. We had an interesting run in with
a local. We thought she might hide and kill us in her 
little masion. Anyways, this shoot was by far a brilliant one.
thanks for being so bloody awesome Becky...

Rocket Man... Captain Bartolo

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Captain Bartolo.
He is our neighbor.
He has made a contraption called the dreambox.
At a time in his life he was an architect, 
but now he flies his chicken!
I'm not sure what to so about him, 
other then he is a little bit crazy,
but alot amazing.
He has good taste in music,
and computers (he's got a mac) and 
is absolutely hilarious!
Heres a bit of the show he made for us..

Sunday Show & Comments

Pin It Hello all,
    Its Monday evening for me, and the Sunday show is still not up. We did film it last night, and tried to upload it. I think it may be a little to big, and so its not uploading. We will try again tonight, and so check the blog again tomorrow. Maybe this is just a ploy for me to get you to check my blog on a continuous basis. (right english? I don't know. don't hang out with english as second language people if you want to keep good english)

   Number Two: I just now found out that you are not able to leave comments if you aren't able to log into blogspot. I didn't understand that, until just now Viola showed me the wonderful world of settings, comments and anyone can comment. So now, even if you don't have a blog spot you can and can comment away on the pages. (tracey.. this ones for you!)

  Number TROIS: our website.. its done. finally. i'm over it. it was good to do. and i'm happy its over. but you can check it out.. I think after the 5th time of uploading it its little quarks are all gone.. I HOPE...  so check it out.. 


Pin It Its Friday.
I'm tired, and I'm tired.
I am overworked, and ready for a full day of sleep tomorrow!
I don't think I'll make the Friday introductions on time this week.
I had to much to do, working till 4. in the morning is not as fun 
as it once was.  especially the next day.

This week we were making websites, it was our web project week.
we had 3 groups, all of which had real websites. My team, made up of
Zhenya (you have yet to meet him.. hes russian) Viola (the wonderful
friend, roommate, and sunday show co-host) and Seth (one of three
Nigerian boys) were given the project of making a 20 page website for
YWAM Davao! It was a job, and well, its still not finished.  We will
hopefully have it up by Monday! We'll see. But for now, I dont want to
talk about the hours and hours of time we sat designing and making it.

I hope your Friday was great, and maybe your looking forward to Saturday
just as much as I am. Have a good weekend!!

The Sunday show.

Pin It We are doing good at this sunday thing!
I don't have much to say about the sunday show this week,
we'll just let it talk for itself..

i'll just add its the 1/2 way mark through the school. the end.

Etienne & Remaliah

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French. Kiwi. Switzerland.
Do those three go together?
yes. they go together like..
tofu and thai food.

Remaliah (yes she was just introduced on Introduction Friday)
and her fiance, Etienne were amazing to shoot!
I couldn't believe where we were and with the colours,
and the car!! Tres Jolie! So enjoy this couple! I surely did.

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