Hello. We are Ash & Kellen. We are WeeNo Photography.

Miss Tyler

Pin It I couldn't help myself.
She is just to cute!
I love this little girl!
Tyler Jean is now 9 months old.
We took her photos this weekend,
and she could be my best model yet!

Tyler Jean (1 of 1)

The Glamourous Life

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When you think of musicians who have "made it big",
do you imagine luxury, money, people?
Well, today Kellen and I found out exactly what kind of
lives musicians who are on tour lead.

Kellen's cousin, Joe who is from Texas,
rolled into town with 3 big huge tour buses that held three
major bands:
Revive, Brandon Heath, and Third Day.
We met them at the Saroyan Theater this after noon.
First, meet Joe. Second, see bus. Tiny. 12 bunks.
Little bunks, it reminded me of the ship, only smaller!
Third, talk to some crazy fans. Fourth, go backstage.
Meet the people from the rest of the bands, eat some lunch,
listen to soundcheck. Go to mall, shop, get out of bus/backstage.

Kellen and I were talking about how weird it must be, to be "famous"
yet live on a bus, have little to no privacy, and tour around.
How unglamorous it really is. To be away from your family,
your spouse, your home for days maybe months at a time.

So Joe is the keyboardist for Brandon Heath. They are also
roommates in Joes new home, Nashville. We met Brandon, he
was amazingly nice! We decided we should head out, and go
to the mall, shop a bit. We go, thanks to runners that are from the area
and give their time to shuttle the bands around. We come back, hang out,
meet some people, have coffee in the alley, talk some more. We eventually
make our way inside, and since its Sunday they did a devotional. I was
pleasantly surprised. It was short but sweet, most band members were there,
and some crew. It was quiet inspiring. After that, the show started. Kellen and I got
to go where we pleased, Joe got us all access passes, so I started in with
my camera. I got some stellar shots.

We did learn one thing, life isn't always greener on the other side.
Touring, and doing the whole thing would be amazing! ABSOLUTELY
brilliant... at the right time in your life for a few months. I have a greater
respect for these guys since hanging out with them, and see how much work
and time and effort they put into their career.

Joe (9 of 22)

Joe (6 of 22)

Joe (8 of 22)

Joe (12 of 22)

Joe (3 of 22)

Joe (2 of 22)

Blog (1 of 7)

Blog (2 of 7)

Joe (15 of 22)

Joe (21 of 22)

And this is Third Day..

Blog (5 of 7)

Blog (6 of 7)

Blog (4 of 7)

Blog (7 of 7)

Thank you Joe for hanging out, hooking us up with all the good stuff!
Good luck on Tour! Hope to see you Soon!

Brian & Courtney

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// this is brian & courtney
it was quite a photoshoot
1. on the way there, my car was on the brink of overheating
we went a even 65MPH all the way there. made for a long
hot (no air-con) ride
2. it was like a bizzionlion and one degrees on sunday
3. we got eaten, EATEN, my mosquitos
4. on the way home, my car made a huge popping noise,
pulled over on the side of the busiest highway ever,
got towed home. made it home by 12 AM.
found out a spark plug decided it didn't want to be in
my engine anymore.

all of this to say.. IT WAS WORTH IT! all of it.
we had a good time with Brian & Courtney! We
got to be creative, and it seemed like we just walked
around the park with them, just like we were friends,
and not like we were "working". It was a blast! We
are so excited to shoot their small wedding in June.
It will be small, personal, and amazing. I can already tell!

Oh, and Kellen pulled out the Lens baby and he mastered it!
First shot, and my FAVORITE shot! thank you Kellen!
Engagment (28 of 33)


Engagment (25 of 33)

Engagment (24 of 33)

Engagment (16 of 33)

Engagment (15 of 33)

Engagment (5 of 33)


Engagment (14 of 33)

Engagment (27 of 33)

Engagment (31 of 33)


Engagment (2 of 33)

Engagment (1 of 33)

Engagment (4 of 33)


Engagment (30 of 33)

Engagment (33 of 33)




Pin It Tuk or you may call her Rachel.
She is MY friend!
an AMAZING talented friend at that!
She and I bonded a few years ago over photography,
and then we became obsessed with such movies as
Almost Famous
Bride and Prejudice
Dazed and Confused
and any John Cusack movie out there.

Tuk, about a year and a half ago decided she was over
this valley and moved to Pennsylvania. She's returned
once, but I was in some other country. She came back again
just this past week, and we FINALLY got to see each other
again. You know its a good relationship when you haven't seen
each other in that long, and you pick up exactly in the same spot you left.
No awkward moments, no long silences just GOODNESS!

So here is the most awesome Tuk! Enjoy.

and p.s. this first picture! oh man, Tuk! YOU AMAZE ME!
and i wanted to do something a little different. So I did a
dual colour post! Hope you like it!

Tuk (9 of 13)

Tuk (5 of 13)


Tuk (6 of 13)


Tuk (3 of 13)

Tuk (2 of 13)

Tuk (1 of 13)


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Hello & Happy Easter.
I wanted to do a quick little post about what's
going on here at WeeNo Photography.
which is...ALOT!

I'm absolutely amazed at the business I have been..
umm.... WE have been getting! Its brilliant.
I have to give all thanks to Jesus. He told me this year
would be about a few things, and photography was one of them.

We have shot 2 weddings already (amongst other things), have 3 more booked,
and another couple in the sorts! I'm so honored people
like my stuff, and want to hire us to shoot and capture their day!
Kellen and I absolutely stoked about getting this work.
With all this work we are starting to feel like a real legit business!
We are working getting a logo, some colours, finish our website,
do some brochures, and prints. We would love to quit our day job
and just do photography! The way its going, I might be able to do that!

The season has started for weddings, and engagements! Which is
absolutely exciting! Its so exciting to be able to share and capture the day
that all girls (and boys too? maybe) look forward to. The love in the air,
and beauty, and the details that come with each wedding. At each wedding
you can really get a feeling of who the couple are, and that is our job to
capture it.

Okay, well enough about that. I'm also here to tell you that for those of you
who live in the wonderful central valley area and are thinking about wanting
us to take your photo, nows the time to book! Our plans are up in the air as of now,
but we know that we took a wedding at the end of August, and I think that will
be the last of the season for us. So! If you want your photos done.. wedding, couple,
family, baby, seniors, ANYTHING! contact us soon! We are getting busy, and calendar
is getting full rather fast. We would love to get to know those of you who read our blog,
and go and spend some time with you! So contact us for more information..
e-mail us? // ashleylama@hotmail.com
phone us? // 559.904.1939

Until then.
we couldn't do a post without photos.
The lighting was so AMAZING on saturday evening
that we had to go out and shoot.
forgive some not in focus photos, it was all timer.

HOPE to hear from YOU SOON!





Ashley & Kellen
WeeNo Photography

That Time of Year

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Senior Portraits.
Its that time of year.
Seniors are graduating, about to enjoy
their last summer of freedom, before the
big bad "real" world of college and jobs!

What this really means, is just another reason
to have have your photo taken! We, Kellen and I
like that! I'm not so good at the "traditional" Senior stuff,
but we did what we could.

First lets introduce you to Jared.
Jared. He loves his truck, hence him and his truck.
He just got a job,
and is starting to volunteer at the local fire station.
We had a quick shoot, but it was fun.
We drove his truck to my new favorite spot.. the barn,
and then headed downtown!


Senior (5 of 6)

Senior (3 of 6)

Senior (6 of 6)

Senior (2 of 6)

And this.. this is Brian!
Brian is from China, he is a foreign exchange student.
He actually lives with Jared and his family.
Brians shoot was a bit different, he not only wanted
senior portraits but just some pictures of what it was like
in Hanford, and the surrounding area. He wanted something
to take back with and show his friends and family!
We found another barn, and some sweet fields. He was a natural
at photos! It was blast!


Senior- Brian (2 of 8)

Senior- Brian (6 of 8)

Senior- Brian (4 of 8)

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