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Friday Introduction

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Welcome to Friday!
Also known as introduction Day.

Miss Elizabeth Diaz

Miss. Elizabeth
Columbia is her place of  occupancy.
She is 26, and single (for the men ;) ha!)
A few facts about her...
    She came late, 2 maybe 3 weeks late, and came with
no english whatsoever. Luckily one of her friends from 
Columbia is one of our staff so he can translate for her. 
Despite the fact that she is not an english speaker, she still
seems to communicate. Her personality is amazing, and
she tries so hard to speak english. I'm amazed with her.
     She has never seen snow, this is her first time here in these
photos!! She loved it!!

Mr. Paul Tilbury

Paul resides in the Uk, Cornwall to be exact!
He runs his own business, designing websites!
So this week, appropriately enough he taught 
us Fireworks and Dreamweaver.
Both of which are website building programs.
He is married, and has a daughter Abigal who is 4!
Shes so so so cute, and that accent!! She told me, 
" my dad is teaching the people how to use the computers
properly." oh man, I couldn't help but chuckle to myself,hearing
how a 4 year old said properly! 

Paul really has the gift for teaching, and has taught us all
so much. He was involved with YWAM earlier, and has 
done a SDC himself. He usually teaches on Photoshop or
In Design but this year he decided to change to Dreamweaver.

P.S. He uses... dun dun dun... WINDOWS! (and the crowd boo's) just kidding paul!

The Winter is Here

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You see that! Its snow. Its the first snowfall of the year! We woke up this morning and there was snow on the mountains above us! EXCITING I must say. I am a little nervous about living in snow, but quite excited about it as well.

So at lunch, I had a couple hours to spare so I headed up the mountain with two others..both being french. I practiced my french.. good job ashley.. anyways, we went for 15 minutes and had such a good time. On the way there, I was yelling along with Timothy, who drove us, we acted as if we were 5 and had never seen snow before. It was brilliant. Thank you Jesus for such things!

AND!! It snowed here in Burtigny tonight! We all went out, and I enjoyed the snow with 2 Nigerians who had never seen snow in their lives. Brilliant! 

Sunday. Monday. Tuesday Show!

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this is the Sunday..Monday.. Tuesday Show!! 

sorry its late. we'll be one it later

Kelly Family

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The Kelly Family.
    This poor family has been waiting ages to see at least just a photo. But since my computer has been down, I have not been able to look at them. Lightroom has returned to my life, and I have started to edit. 
   This Family. What can i say about them? They are fun, exciting, and just a bit different. They are originally from the States but have lived here in Switzerland for two years. I had such a blast shooting them. We found the perfect place for their family photos. A wine vineyard. So thank you Kelly Family! I hope you enjoy

Coming soon.

Pin It I am sorry for those of you who are waiting in anticipation for the Sunday show. Yesterday was a crazy day, we were working till 4 in the morning. All work and No Play. but today we will get one up, as soon as we record a new monday show. 

 oh and friday portraits. since my computer was down, and i had nothing to really work on.. it didn't happen. I did take some photos, and soon those to will be up!! 

A new computer....or a new hard drive..

Pin It I am glad to inform you that I'm writing from MY OWN computer today. My staff member and I went to a town maybe 20 minutes away and walked into the mac store, spoke a bit of broken french and retrieved my mac back. It was a sign of relief when he gave me no bill. Thank you Apple care! 
   We proceeded to enter a cafe and order a coffee, and a hot chocolate! we also indulged in a croissant. MM MMM GOOD. I love switzerland, yeah its more expensive but who cares right?  

  And another day. That was written yest
erday, and today is Friday. Friday 12.23 and the project is due at 12.30. I am done with looking at the surface product, and the microsoft design. My team and I finished right in the nick of time, and I'm not to sure of the design. I am ready for some food and a nap. 

  I've really decided that I despise Thursdays and Friday mornings. The rush and stress of it all....

   Other then that, life is going well. We have a book report due on Monday, so reading and writing will be had this weekend!! A picnic might also be a possibility in the swiss hills next to the cows; depending on the weather. Its been rather rainy and cold this week. 

   One last thing. 

     We had our intercession time this morning, and we were shown a charity called "charity-water". It raises money for new wells for the people in Africa. They have drilled more then 500 wells for the people, and with that brought fresh water and health, and hope. I've decided since I can't actually go there and help them, then I could make people aware. I've made it my goal to tell 5 people, and hopefully they will tell 5. If we keep going on like that and make people just AWARE of what is going on then we CAN change the world. So I ask that you can take 5 minutes out of you
r day, check out charity water, or invisible children, or any other humanity charity get familiar with it, and tell 5 people about it. If we are passionate about it, then other
s will want to follow. Take a step...

Sunday show.. turned Monday Scarf Show

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p.s. i forgot to tell you. cliff showed up!! 

horrible weekend.

Pin It hey.
  so i dont know if your a devout sunday show watcher yet, but its passed sunday for us here in switzerland. ive had a long long weekend, my computer crashed! yup, a new hardrive will hopefully be bought tomorrow and i'll be starting brand new. so no more photoshop, no more indesign, no more adobe. goodbye programs..music...movies.. anything else that was on it. and to add to it, we went to go pick up one of our staff, cliff (who took the sop when i staffed) at the train station, and he wasn't there. its 3 hours later and we arent sure where he is.. he went to paris for the weekend.

 so needless to say, its been a long day, and viola the co anchor is asleep, and i will go join  her in room 220 here in burtigny switzerland. we will post pone our sunday show till tomorrow. so sleep well to all. lets all pray that this coming week will be better.....

The Friday Introduction

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Its Friday! You know what that means! A new person for you to get to know!

This week, we have a classmate, and a staff member from the base.

Solwoong Kim
AKA Tim.

Solwoong is 21.
Hes from Korea.
His "english" name is Tim.
So thats what I like to call him.

Hes brilliant in photoshop, and 
is an aspiring architect.
He despises his work duties, 
and loves drinking chocolate milk.

Tim could make it in my top 3 favorite Koreans!!!

Elin Madsen

She is 27.
Norway is the birthplace for Miss Elin.
Her job her in Burtigny is our cook!
That means, that she keeps us fed and happy.
I'm especially indebted to her because she always
seems to remember the only vegetarian and sets
some veggies aside for me!

Its so good to be around people from around the world.
It always brings a bit of "spice" (?) to the  daily life.
Learning different cultures, and how different they all are.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I know I will.
Stay tuned for the SUNDAY SHOW with Viola and Ashley,
and also some new photos!!

In Design= Death

Pin It If you know me, you know that i'm quite dramatic. well. i'm being just that today. and this week..

   its wednesday 12.01 and i'm in the classroom. let me set the scene for you. 
   lights on. people are working frantically. eyes are turning red from staring at computer screens all day. Adobe's InDesign is open on almost all computers screen, with the occasional facebook page open. Ear phones are on, some other music is playing in the background along with the click click of finger tips tapping the keyboards. There are grunts of frustration, and the cool air from outside blowing in through the ceiling windows. CD, Plates, paper, thumb nails, magazines, colour charts, wires, pens, rulers are surrounding everyones computers, and fingers. its wednesday night, and we have to have a full on CD designed and printed by friday 12.30. not just the cd, not just the cover, but everything! the front, the back, the inlet, the booklet, the everything!!

   So the assignment. We were grouped into teams, and have to pick a band and design the CD for a new record out for them. The new record being one that we made up.

  Its been a frustrating week, I'm not sure exactly why, but for most of the class we have been just stressed out over the whole program. We go for coffee downstairs, and want to scream. A select few.. okay just Joseph and I go to the punching bag and go at it for 10 or 15 minutes. It helps the frustrations, but does a number on the knuckles. But I do have to be thankful for people who see the frustration and make special treats for us. we had vegan brownies made for us by a wonderful lady who lives here and works at the women and childrens advocacy. her family and her are from the states, and are environmental, and quite brilliant. the more i get to know them, the more they shock and amaze me. i was even asked by them to take their family photos on saturday! something to look forward too!! anyways, off the tangent. life is busy and a little stressful.

   only two days more, then the weekend. we can do it.... i hope

Live from the SDC Classroom. The Sunday show.

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I've decided that if I don't do something special at least three times a week, there won't be a reason to be excited to check my blog. I've been following another photographers blog and they do a friday movie. I've decided to do a Sunday video. We will include fun facts, frustrations, and stories of our SDC, and adventures in Switzerland. If there is a certain question you would like to ask of us.. Viola and I.. just let us know! We'll be happy to inform you about whatever we can. So we look forward to next Sunday!!

  thank you..
your anchors.. Viola and Ashley

Joseph Mayers & Ismael

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Joseph Mayers.
18 years of age.
Scottland is his home, but at the moment he resides in Spain.
Hes the youngest in our class, and unfortunately 
will only be here for 3 weeks more.
Hes taking this course as a seminar student.
Joseph has yet to give me a random fact about his self, so
I'll just write a bit about him. He drinks instant coffee. I'm
not to sure how its disgusting. He wears his pajama pants to class. As a work duty he works in the garden, picking weeds. He also enjoys disagreeing with everything you say, then he realizes that he agrees with it, and changes his mind. 
    So there you have it. the first student introduction... 

I've also realized that we only have 10 more weeks of school, which isn't nearly enough for all the people I would like to introduce you to. So I may have to some days do two people. This week that in fact will happen.

    Introduction to our guest speaker.

He is 31 years old.
He lives in Lausanne, Switzerland.
He is a french speaker.
He owns his own design business.. 
  and is quite brilliant at it.
Ismael taught us photoshop for three days, and did quite
well. We had to have a translator, which potentially could be 
difficult, but he did a wonderful job.
OH! A little random fact, he has watched the star wars trilogy (the old one)over 200 times.

A Little Friday Series

Pin It i've decided that while I'm here i will do a little series on the students in my SDC, the staff, and the guests speakers. I will introduce you the person of the week every Friday!

    It will include the name, a little information and a random fact about them. I hope this will show you the people that I'm surrounded by on a daily basis, and make you feel like your a part of my life as well. 
So not only do we get to look forward to the weekend but also we get to meet someone new! 

   Hope to see you Friday!


A little of my life's surroundings

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So heres where I live!
     Burtigny is a village of about 200, YWAM making up about 50 or 75. Its a one road village as well. We are surrounded by mountains, and apparently if you get at a certain spot you can see Lake Geneva. I have yet to experience that. There seems to be quite a bit of clouds, and to cold to be really be outsides for long periods of time. Last week, not to far away it SNOWED!

    Thank Jesus, he sent someone to fix the heaters, so now we can eat in not scarves and sweaters, and enjoy a normal clothed dinner/lunch what have you. 

   So introducing you to 
              Burtigny, Switzerland.
                  home for 3 months.

t-shirts.. and illustrator

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   thats the program we learned this week. Okay, well Wednesday thru Friday. We had to copy a logo, and design a DTS/University of the Nations shirt. 

   It was good. I learned alot. Next week is photoshop. I should learn alot more in photoshop!! 

  This weekend, I will sleep a little. eat. maybe have a walk. if its not freezing cold, like it has been. its been so bloody cold. ridiculous. and a bit rainy.
   so we shall see what the weekend has in store here in switzerland!! 

  p.s. pray for the heaters to get fixed. there are jackets, hats, and scarves warn while eating breaky, lunch, and dinner. F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G
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