Hello. We are Ash & Kellen. We are WeeNo Photography.

An exhibition for WeeNo Photography

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   Together! Finally! Friday June 6th, I will be having a reception at Art Works

   I am scared at putting my stuff out, and seeing the peoples reaction. I'm wondering how I will put them on the actual wall? What
kind of print should I put up! Oh man. I love taking the photos, but do I really like to show my stuff? I am just going to have to practice, and keep doing it. 

   So pray that I do well, that God will give me creativity in my presentation, and that people will have grace on my work and I! 

  If you live near me, please please come! Come support me and have some food, coffee, and art. 


Luke Mundy said...

yay Drisco! Photo blogs are the shizzle!

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