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Pay it Forward

Pin It I am a true believer in
Pay It Forward!
Well, I decided I should start a circle.
I asked the newlywed Culp family
if they would like some photos taken.
Originally, I was going to take an e-session,
then the wedding, then it turned into family!
Either way, this family is too cute!
Matt, Joanna, Will, and Molly.
It was a brilliant Sunday evening.
We walked around,
played on the tanks,
played the fountain,
and ended it with the famous
superior dairy!

I hope I captured the love and joy
this family has for each other.
They were glorious!


Culp (2 of 26)

Culp (1 of 26)

Culp (11 of 26)


Culp (6 of 26)


Culp (12 of 26)

Culp (14 of 26)

Culp (20 of 26)

Culp (22 of 26)

Culp (21 of 26)

Culp (23 of 26)

Culp (24 of 26)


Culp (16 of 26)


So think about paying it forward.
Start a circle.
Do something nice for someone!
and Share it! :)


Sarah Hartley....from dina said...

these pics are fabulous!!!!!!!! oh my...great family!!! i can't tell you totally captured the family's personalty perfectly!! rock on sista!

Sarah...again said...

opps...it's supposed to say...i CAN (not can't) tell...so I CAN totally see the fam's personality in all these pics..love love love them!

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