Hello. We are Ash & Kellen. We are WeeNo Photography.

The Perlbergs

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this post.
this post is about us.

as you all know, kellen and I are engaged.
and our engagement will come to and end
this Saturday.
August 22, 2009
I will become a certain Mrs. Ashley Autumn Perlberg
just writing that is weird.

We are at the end of planning, and on the verge of partying.
We can't wait.
I've had the month off to do just photography, and wedding planning.
Its been brilliant.

Along with getting married this Saturday, we will also be
Yes. We will be moving to Denver, Colorado.
We felt like this is where God is calling us, and low and behold
I booked a wedding for October! THANK YOU JESUS!

Our apartment is brilliant! The building was made in 1918,
and just is spectacular! (in my mind it is, have yet to see it)
oh. P.S. its in DOWNTOWN! yeah I know. don't be to jealous.

Anyways, we will pursue our photographic career there as well
as learn how to be married, and be in a new city, and just be us.

We are super stoked about what God has in store for us in our
personal lives, but also in our careers as photographers. We are booking
weddings for next year, all of which we get to fly to! (EXCITING!)
And all of which we are super excited to be there, and capture the day.
So, maybe we don't live by you, or maybe we are moving farther away
from you, but we will ALWAYS FLY to you!

So wish us luck with our wedding,
and that it all goes well.
I'm sure there will be photos posted!

Photo 501

Love the soon to be.
mrs. perlberg!


Kristin said...

I hope your wedding is absolutely spectacular. Can't wait to see the photos, cheers!

Livingroom Pictures said...


arielsmiles said...

aww congratulations WeeNo Photography!
It was a happy coincidence that I came across your blog...
but then again-
there are no such things as coincidence :)

Wish you all the best!

Anonymous said...

dont look so excited you perlyburgers

bjf photography said...

wow! i had no idea you were moving...! i'm so jealous, to be honest! well, not you are a bit closer to me in pa...i will just have to come visit you sometime! have a wonderful wedding weekend! congrats ash!

Anonymous said...

COngratulations! You two are both amazing! have a beautifuly blissful day!

Medium Format Tommy

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