Hello. We are Ash & Kellen. We are WeeNo Photography.


Pin It Home is always so good to come to.
It has a certain smell,
a certain homeyness about it.
I love it!

Kellen and I are here for a week,
and everyday we have had a shoot.
Today two, but one was dear and close
to my heart. My brothers family.
They live next door, and they
just are too cute!

Kellen hauled the orange chair over
and we had a little living room in the back yard.
Those kids just make me so happy.
Just look at their faces!!

Raise your hand if your heart melts
just a little when little kids laugh and smile like this!



viola k. s. said...

SOOOO good.
like ice in the sunshine.

Cassidy's mom said...

Got to love those kids...There is no way you can't claim relation to Tyler...I call her Ashley Jr.

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