Hello. We are Ash & Kellen. We are WeeNo Photography.

Weeno Photography Video

Pin It So here we go,
We have a video camera,
We have friends Nick and Hillary,
We made this semi-video documentary of their engagement shoot,
First ever Weeno Photography promo video.
Granted it a bit rough,
but give us a break its our first one!!

Give us your feed back?
Do we got talent?
Do you like this?
Should WeeNo start doing some video?!
Tell us your thoughts!

Nick & Hillary from WeeNo Photography on Vimeo.


Shell.bee said...

Hi guys, i think it's awesome you're trying out video! I followed your prompt and have a few suggestions, take them or leave them:

check out their compression recommendations, I think you could get a much higher res if you watch your compression settings.

It seemed too long... promo videos can be as short as 30 seconds depending on what you want your message to be! I lost interest at about half way through... if your audience is the couple themselves they will love long moments, but just a passerby is going to be uninterested. May have been the music that made it seem particularly ponderous.

What do you mean by 'promo' video? You want to do work for businesses? for your own work? wedding videos? seems like there would be a few questions to ask if you want to pursue video.

Nice work guys. I love love love seeing your photos! I follow your blog! great stuff : )

Kristin said...

i DEFINITELY loved the video. it shows your multi-talent. the only thing that distracted me was the quality of the video...i'm sure that it wasn't the final cut or anything but it definitely takes away from your wonderful WONDERFUL photos....

video/photo packages are extremely popular so i say go for it. your talent is amazing and i'm sure it will attract the young hearts in love.

kris :)

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