Hello. We are Ash & Kellen. We are WeeNo Photography.

How to...

Pin It Its 11.47 PM, I'm trying to work.. and its not working out so well. I was going through my photos and I found this photo..

Here is the photo set up.

Kellen, my friend Doms, and I in San Fran..

how not to

Now that you have looked it you should know how wrong it just is.
BHAHAHA! It makes me laugh every time. I hope Doms doesn't get made, but I thought
I would share with you how not to use a wide angle, and how dangerous they really can be!

Its called distortion. Please, if you've got yourself a nice wide angle, meaning 10-40/50mm lens, play with it! see if you can get some good cone heads, some good fat bodies, and what not. Its hilarious, and then you can make sure NOT to do it in the real shoots! HAHAH

Enjoy your weekend..
I know I will,


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