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These are things that are amazing. Tuk, or Rachel to others, is a close friend of mine. A few years ago she moved to Philadelphia, and now she has started her own little business. Its quite brilliant actually. She makes, jewelry and monsters. Not sure how those two got put together, but regardless all of it is amazing! Seriously AMAZING! She does such brilliant beadwork in all her jewelry and makes them all special order for your size, colour, liking. She also does the little sewn monsters/owls. Since I'm obsessed with owls, I had her make me on that matched my favorite colour scheme and I'm in love with it (so is Tyler!).  

What else is so cool about her, and This Blue Wing, is that they give a donation to a charity of her choice at the end of each year. I feel like she has been talking a lot about trafficking (which is near and dear to my heart). She is an amazing artist, and an amazing girl. 

PLEASE PLEASE check her stuff out!!
-become a FAN
-check out her ETSY
- check out her ART FIRE

And here is my LOVELY owl! 

(stay tuned, maybe we'll have a giveaway of something of THIS BLUE WINGS!!)

Tuks Owl (1 of 5)

Tuks Owl (2 of 5)

Tuks Owl (3 of 5)

Tuks Owl (4 of 5)

Tuks Owl (5 of 5)


This Blue Wing said...

I love it! Thank you!

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