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The Epic Canadians

Pin It Brett & Marie
October 2nd
Three Hills, Alberta, Canada

Marie and I met in Fiji 5 years ago. After Fiji I have to say, we didn't stay in that good of contact so I can honestly say that I was surprised and so HONORED to have her contact me to shoot her wedding. She, in fact, booked me before she was even "officially" engaged. And I'm so happy she did.

This wedding was in Alberta, the province in Canada. And if you know me well you know that I will do anything to get my happy butt to Canada! Especially shoot a gorgeous bride and groom. When we were driving to three hills, I wasn't sure where I was. Dirt roads, nothing in sight just the rolling hills of Alberta and bit of fog. When we arrived at the Hinkle house I was greeted by lots of happy and welcoming faces. Marie was having her makeup done, while drinking a cup of coffee and she was GLEEMING! Then her hair, then we got to do some epic bridal portraits. Please, if your ever wondering why its important to have a few minutes just to have photos of you, the bride, take a look at this slideshow! Seriously, she rocked it so hard, and I'm so happy to have done this for her.... Anyways, we get to the small little chapel, after driving 20 minutes on the dirt roads, they were wed with a smile on their face and a tear in the eye. It was quite beautiful.

Then my favorite part. We had an hour with the bride and groom. ALONE! We got to go to this old barn, that Bretts great grandfather built! Amazing. ALSO! Their gettaway car... A Galaxy! AMAZING! I went crazy, and had the time of my life. Kellen went crazy, and had the time of his life.

All this to say, this slideshow is a bit long, but its well worth it! Brett and Marie were an amazing couple to photograph and I feel so blessed that they would fly Kellen and I all the way up there to shoot their special day. It does make me feel so lucky...

Brett & Marie from WeeNo Photography on Vimeo.


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