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Its been Awhile

Pin It WOW! Its been weeks since I've last blogged. Oops. I guess my life has overcome the blogging. We are keeping busy here in the LaMattino-Perlberg house!! We have a TON going on, with taking care of my mum, with WeeNo Photography, and with the holidays coming up its been aa mad house!! But alas, here I am tonight I'm listening to the new Arcade Fire Album, Suburbs and its inspiring me to work work work.... as is the cold weather we are experiencing.

I know I have blogged tons about the Canada wedding, but every time I go back to I just can't get enough, and more photos have become my favorite everyday. I honestly feel bad for this couple. I wouldn't be able to begin to choose which photos I want!! anyway. Bret has a restored Ford Galaxy that his grandpa gave him, and they had it as their "gettaway" car.... I had to do the whole pin-up girl on the top of the car! Marie rocked the bad word out of it, and here's the finished product! AMAZINGNESS!!!

Could Life Get Any Better?


kristie said...

sooooooo PRETTY!!!! that light, beautiful bride, the colours, ...mmm...

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