Hello. We are Ash & Kellen. We are WeeNo Photography.

The changing.

Pin It So its already March 31st, and I'm talking about this year.. Its a bit late.. I know! but we wanted to share with you whats going on..
With us.
With WeeNo Photography.
We are praying for BIG things.. and we hope you keep following us!


number one.
We raised our prices... dun.. dun.. dun!!
Somehow the things in the world have become more expensive. Gas. Cars. Computers. Cameras. Lens'. EVERYTHING! So must we.

number two.
Yup. Hanford, California just isn't the place for Kellen and I anymore. So, here are upcoming plans.

Wisconsin.. Yup! I'm doing it.. well just for the summer! We will be there for the summer.
June - August and will plan to leave in the beginning of September. Kellen deserves some much needed time with family, and I can't wait to really get to know them! For real get to know them.. not just like 2 weeks get to know them..

Then.. PORTLAND. (doesn't that word just look inviting?) Portland, we are praying, will be home for awhile. Awhile meaning, a couple of years or more?

Number Three.
What does that even mean? Well, we have invested in quite a bit of GOOD camera stuff.. we invested in a brand new IMAC! And we are going to start doing some Bridal Shows.. In Portland. Its hard enough to get your name out there when you know people, then throw in a new city and the fact that you know 5 people.... Yup. We have come to this point. We are going to do some, and with that we want you to help! If we have shot your wedding, or family, or a couple shoot send me some kind words. Some words of encouragement for our future customers..

We are also wanting to invest more in photography, and our style. I have this vision in my head, and I feel like we are getting there. I feel like the last 5 weddings we have done, I have achieved everything I wanted. BUT. Now I want more. I want to see more, I want to shoot more, I want our style to be more developed.. We want to invest more in our packing. Our, website, our blog, and our beloved costumers!

So.. now you know my heart. I'm wondering what God has for us this year. Its so hard to leave an area where people hear my name, and know what I do for a living. Its scary to try to go to a big city and start a business. But, we are praying that God has something for us there. If you could join us and do the same.... we would GREATLY appreciate that.

In these two moves, I will be attempting to keep up and keep shooting. So, even if I'm not close, shoots us an email. {ashley@weenophotography.com} Lets chat. Lets get to know each other, and let us take your photos!

And thanks for all your support. Reading the blog. Being friends with us on Facebook , and commenting on our photos.. We appreciate it more then you know!

and because a blog is not a blog without a photos.. Here is a recent engagement shoot. I hope they speak to you..

Brad & CeCe (1 of 13)

Brad & CeCe (2 of 13)

Brad & CeCe (3 of 13)

Brad & CeCe (12 of 13)

Brad & CeCe (4 of 13)

Brad & CeCe (5 of 13)

Brad & CeCe (6 of 13)

Brad & CeCe (7 of 13)

Brad & CeCe (8 of 13)

Brad & CeCe (9 of 13)

Brad & CeCe (10 of 13)

Brad & CeCe (13 of 13)

Brad & CeCe (11 of 13)


Dianne said...

Yay!!! You guys are really doing it!! i'm so glad we got to meet up before you moved off but I know you will love Portland. I have a friend with many connections there so I will be sure to have her pass your name around for wedding photography. Enjoy your time in wisconsin!


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