Hello. We are Ash & Kellen. We are WeeNo Photography.

Its official. The Mini-Sessions that is!

Pin It So. Here. We. Are.

In the dead of spring, with all this rain, and all this lush green stuff surrounding us. Its quite amazing this weather. Well, I think so.

Anyways, so all the rain has produced a plethora of weeds in my backyard, and green weeds. They are tall, and they are O so cool. Beyond the tall thicket of weeds and a bit to the right we seem to have gathered quite a junkyard for cars. A Car Graveyard. Its true. And its rusty. And its awesome.. Even beyond that we have a field, we have some old stuff, and a fence with some goats enclosed. And to make it a bit more cooler, we have a vintage beautiful green bench.

So Mini-Sessons.


My HOUSE.. (beware, we are in the country, nobody has managed our yard for a year and half, and well we are not planning on doing it for the sessions... which makes it even better!)

May 14th


25 photos delivered on a disc to you the next week.
1/2 hour session.
some great laughs!
and of course hanging out with Kellen and I!

So! I'm booking now. I have booked a couple already. If you think you want, which I know you can't resist all those weeds, a junkyard, and a sweet vintage bench then email me!


and we will fit you in! :D Just in time for Senior Portraits, Family Easter portraits, and right before the summer heat hits!!

I look forward to hearing from you!!



celebrating my simple life! said...

Hi! I would love to do a section. We've never done a family shoot. We have 6 adults and a 5 and 1 year old. Would you want to come to my daughters farm? It's a walnut farm in Laton. You can write me back at my email. Thx!

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