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the biggest party ever!

Pin It In the month of December I get so excited for the Christmas season. I love getting a christmas tree, decorating it with all the sentimental ornaments, listening to the christmas songs, and finding gifts for the ones I love. AND! of course I love getting Christmas cards. They are so exciting.. always a highlight of the month.

This year Kellen and I stayed in Portland... Since we just got here, and got jobs it was nearly impossible to leave. So we made the best of it. We had gifts mailed to us, mailed gifts to them, and decorated. And for this year we get to enjoy each other, and a quite Christmas. We got up at 5 AM this morning (We were really excited!)  and opened the few presents under the tree and thought of our families in California and Wisconsin. We then had some eggs benedict (because we've made that our Christmas tradition.) We've also "Face Time"ed with some, and hopefully more tonight. I love technology!

But as this day goes by I keep pinching myself not to forget the real reason for Christmas. Its Jesus' birthday.. the day my savior was born. He was born for me. for kellen. for our families. and for everyone on this earth. I am grateful. And he is the best present of them all. This afternoon after our thanks to God, I thought of my mum and wished she was here. This is our first Christmas without her... and Kellen reminded me that this is her first Christmas with Jesus! And that she is in heaven celebrating the biggest celebration with her family. It was great reminder to not be selfish in this time, but be thankful.

So for that I'm thankful. I'm thankful that Jesus was born today, and that my mum gets to celebrate and be at his birthday party! I bet its the best of them all!

Below is a just a super cute video of some kiddos in Auckland. Its been making its way around facebook, so maybe you've seen it.. If not its short, sweet and to the point! I hope your Christmas was as beautiful as ours is. We are looking forward to the new year and all it holds for us!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the video - Merry CHRISTmas to you both! Jan Breech

Mark Skowron said...

Merry Christmas to all 3 of you (...including Flinty). Loved the video!

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