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A Crafty Christmas

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A Perlberg Crafty Christmas & some other stuff...

Welp My favorite time of the year is here! I am so excited to have our own place where we can do what we like to do, and decorate the way we love to decorate. I am in love & obsessed with Pinterest (much to Kellens dismay) and got plenty of ideas for this year! We made some epic yarn balls. Small ones for the tree, a medium for the top of the tree, and big ones for our chandler!  I'm also obsessed with pallets. They turn into such random things, and the wood is so great! We went to a restore and got a few. Kellen turned a few into some shelves. AWESOME! And we have my grandma and grandpa's wedding photos displayed in them. Plus an orchid in honor of my mum. We also have lots of owls, and cameras! Most have all been given to me. I love them!! 

But my most favorite thing in our house, is our mantle! Kellen just whipped out that wood (made from pallets) extension for the mantle, and I printed on some old pages to make a "French" Christmas  banner. I'm in love.

I hope your Christmas is as wonderful as it is for us. And if you haven't joined pinterest, DO IT NOW! :)





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Happy Holidays


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Rachel said...

It looks amazing!! Merry Christmas, friend!

Denise said...

I'm absolutely in love with your new place. And I love your scruffy dog. It reminds me of mine :) Merry Christmas, Perlbergs!

Anonymous said...

Geez. You win, Ash. Youuuuuu win. Wanna guess what my place looks like right about now? Yeah. It's busy season. I'm still in my pjs and have an extra couch taking up space awkwardly in my bedroom until it sells on craigslist. Glad my P made the cut, though. - love kf'k

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