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The 1 year mark.

Pin It January 19th.

My mom went to see God last year today. I can't believe its been a year, and I can't believe the things Kellen and I have done. I got to go to India and spread my mums ash's, we moved out of my house (which was hard.. what do you do with all the yearbook and keepsakes?! thank goodness my brother moved in and I got to keep some stuff in the attic.) We went to visit Kellens family, who embraced me as their own and who I'm so grateful to have. When Jesus gives us another family, I now know why. And now we are in Portland. I'm happy. We are happy. We have a cute house, and jobs, and Weeno is getting there. 

But my sister sent me a text today, she said "the idea of a lifetime without her still seems unbearable." And my heart breaks, because its only been a year. To be honest, I'm scared, and  don't understand how to do life without her. I'm not sure how to have kids, how to raise them, how to go through the hard times in my life, and happy times. There's a hole, a void, a space that is begging to be filled. 

I'm grateful for the mom I did have, she was incredible, and I'm happy I had her for as long as I did. She was great person, and a great mother. I know I'm not the only person who's had loss in their family, and I hope I don't sound like that. I appreciate all of the comments, the words and the love that is coming through to me and my family today.

Without you, without my husband, without my friends, and certainly without God I would be a wreck, all day, every day. But I'm not. Its hard to imagine life without her, and scary to.. but she wouldn't want me to stop..

So with this. Its a new year, and I will make her proud of me.
I will be grateful.
I will do my best to make my life great and do good things.
I'll do my best not to be selfish, and put others needs ahead of mine.

And with Weeno, we have a lot of new things ahead. A new branding is on the way. Which means, this blog will no longer be, and a new website.... a new beginning. I'm hoping it will embrace me as much as I've embraced it.

So here's to learning, and being, and making the best of the worst..

Mum. I love you  & I miss you till my body aches... but I will make you proud of me.




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