Hello. We are Ash & Kellen. We are WeeNo Photography.

Finallly, here she is... BAIO

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I know, I know
what a cool name right?
Well you CANT have her!
She's mine.
She is my "best friend".
I have a lot of good friends,
alot of really really really good friends
but she is what we call a best friend.

I know after you see her photos,
you will want to be friends with her.
Her smile, her laugh, he tattoo, her amazingness
just comes OUT of the photos,
be careful not to let it come out of your computer
and slap your face. (her awesomeness that is)

Us together, we decided makes to many good things.
This is what happens. This photoshoot blows my mind.

We love french toast,
dry soy cappuccinos
staying up late
being unbelievably cool
the avett brothers
dallas green
having the biggest egos of our lives
and many many other things.

But heres the unfortunate part.
Baio lives in Portland, Oregon.
I live (right now) in Hanford, California.
This poses MANY problems.
What also poses problems is when
we don't see each other for almost a whole year!

We finally got to see each other this weekend,
and we screamed. We screamed hard!
Its been great having her back in my life.
I hope you have a friend like Baio in your life.
If not... you'd better find one..
you'd better find one NOW!

Baio (1 of 13)

Baio (2 of 13)

Baio (3 of 13)

Baio (4 of 13)

Baio (5 of 13)

Baio (6 of 13)

Baio (7 of 13)

Baio (8 of 13)

Baio (9 of 13)

Baio (10 of 13)

Baio (11 of 13)

Baio (12 of 13)


Baio (13 of 13)

Baio & I (1 of 1)


viola k. steinberg said...

so pretty!!!!
i love the last one! and your outfit, ashley!
and you!

Anonymous said...

im crying. not because its pics of me. but because i have so much fun with my best friend and she says the nicest things about me and she is so nice and i miss her so much when im away! ugh. my life is not the same when we're apart. thank you for posting this! i feel like a rockstar!!! i looooove you! be my best friend forever. i'll totally be yours.

Wil Mundy said...

Well I finally had a moment to check out the email that led me to this link and cool blog!

First I want to thank you for your friendship with my niece. I think the world of her yet she's an enigma as we rarely hang out, but life's probably equally a mystery, so....

Secondly, great eye doing the picts! Wow! Between Patrick's wedding and Rachel's photo shoot, I can honestly say you've got a talent I've rarely seen (and I've seen many).

Thirdly, I'm gonna have a talk to that girl about her ink! Like, when'd you get that awesome sleeve girl! And what'd your Parents say? Musta blew another gasket - hehe.

Thanks again,


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