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The Three Amigos & Aniah

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Good Morning!
I promised you a post,
and here it is!

This is my AMAZING sister, Aniah!!
Since I can remember she has ALWAYS
had horses. ALWAYS!
She eats, sleeps and breathes horses.
And always has.
Her horses are her kids, and she
loves and adores them.
I admire her for how much time she puts into them.
And it always amazes me how much personality horses have.
The two that have stalls next to each other,
they get jealous and fight over her.
Its insane.

Willie, she's the biggest!

Pharah, she's a bad word!
I have fallen off of her, and thats no short fall.
She has drug me through a field,
yet through all of that I still seem to like her.
We also like to call her Fatty Pharah,
but I like to be nice and spell it Phatty.

And finally Bell!
She's Aniahs baby!
Aniah got her when she was a few weeks
old, and would go down to LA to visit her.
Well she just had her 2nd birthday, so Aniah
is now able to ride her! FINALLY!
Apparently she's doing amazing!
She's gorgeous too, and she defiantly
acts like a 2 year old (if thats possible)

Aniah is an amazing person,
and an amazing sister!
and I really mean that.
If you ever do get the chance to meet her
ask her if you can ride her horses.
A smile will come across her face,
and the next thing you know there will be a
saddle on the BIGGEST horse you've ever seen
and she'll hoist you up!

Until then, enjoy the photos!

Aniah & Horses (28 of 28)


Aniah & Horses (5 of 28)

Aniah & Horses (19 of 28)

PharahAniah & Horses (11 of 28)

Aniah & Horses (9 of 28)

Aniah & Horses (10 of 28)

Aniah & Horses (26 of 28)

Aniah & Horses (2 of 28)

Aniah & Horses (12 of 28)

Aniah & Horses (14 of 28)


Aniah & Horses (18 of 28)

Aniah & Horses (22 of 28)

Aniah & Horses (3 of 28)


Sarah Hartley....from dina said...

ok, I love the carrot one, and the head between the legs one, and the walking away one, oh yeah and the one with the horse in it...you know which one I'm talkin' about?

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