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In the Year 2012

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In 2011..

I turned 25.
My mum passed away a few weeks later.
I went to India... I spread my mums ash's.
I felt the love and support around me. 
We had a large estate sale, and I packed up my things.
Got a pup. Flinty.
We left for Wisconsin.
I got to know the family I gained through marriage.
We got to go to Canada.
First trip to New York.
Worked through stuff in my marriage.
Strived after God.. and still am.
Went home for a month.
Felt like a real live photographer.
Moved to Portland.
Getting mentally prepared to start over.

In 2012.
I turn 26!
We are re-branding!
Wondering if we will ever make it as wedding photographers.
Struggling with career choices.
Trusting God with our life choices.
Loving being married.

& Striving for.
Getting published.
Becoming photographers in the North West.
Quitting our "normal" jobs.

Its been an interesting couple of years. Kellen and I put our lives on hold to take care of my mum. And I wish I could personally thank each person who prayed for us and my family. We are so grateful. But, now Kellen and I are in Portland, and started our lives together. Finally! This year we are re-branding (I can't wait to reveal it to you!) and I'm finally putting our photography out there. I have to be honest with you all, some days I feel like a photographer, and then I look at all the amazing photographers out there and wonder if I'll make it. So for 2012 we will do our best. I will do what I feel God is asking of me, and I will take each day for what it is. So here's to 2012 and new beginnings!

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Rachel Lane said...


Anonymous said...

I want for you all the love and happiness you give in this world..unbounding
I want for you all the success your heart and soul desire..never ceasing
I want for you to never stop searching, discovering and being amazed...faithfully
I wish you love, success and amazement..you and your beautiful smile!!
I am so sorry to hear about your precious Mum..congratulations on the nuptuals..it's heartwarming..
- Sylvia

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