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That Time of Year

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Senior Portraits.
Its that time of year.
Seniors are graduating, about to enjoy
their last summer of freedom, before the
big bad "real" world of college and jobs!

What this really means, is just another reason
to have have your photo taken! We, Kellen and I
like that! I'm not so good at the "traditional" Senior stuff,
but we did what we could.

First lets introduce you to Jared.
Jared. He loves his truck, hence him and his truck.
He just got a job,
and is starting to volunteer at the local fire station.
We had a quick shoot, but it was fun.
We drove his truck to my new favorite spot.. the barn,
and then headed downtown!


Senior (5 of 6)

Senior (3 of 6)

Senior (6 of 6)

Senior (2 of 6)

And this.. this is Brian!
Brian is from China, he is a foreign exchange student.
He actually lives with Jared and his family.
Brians shoot was a bit different, he not only wanted
senior portraits but just some pictures of what it was like
in Hanford, and the surrounding area. He wanted something
to take back with and show his friends and family!
We found another barn, and some sweet fields. He was a natural
at photos! It was blast!


Senior- Brian (2 of 8)

Senior- Brian (6 of 8)

Senior- Brian (4 of 8)



Best Ella Dresse said...

love, love, LOVE it!

jonathan edmund said...

Ashley, you make people come ALIVE with your photography! <3

Kaarin said...

oh ash, the ones of brian are FABULOUS.

...and the word in the captcha i had to spell was "fackeru"... i thought you'd appreciate that.

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