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The Glamourous Life

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When you think of musicians who have "made it big",
do you imagine luxury, money, people?
Well, today Kellen and I found out exactly what kind of
lives musicians who are on tour lead.

Kellen's cousin, Joe who is from Texas,
rolled into town with 3 big huge tour buses that held three
major bands:
Revive, Brandon Heath, and Third Day.
We met them at the Saroyan Theater this after noon.
First, meet Joe. Second, see bus. Tiny. 12 bunks.
Little bunks, it reminded me of the ship, only smaller!
Third, talk to some crazy fans. Fourth, go backstage.
Meet the people from the rest of the bands, eat some lunch,
listen to soundcheck. Go to mall, shop, get out of bus/backstage.

Kellen and I were talking about how weird it must be, to be "famous"
yet live on a bus, have little to no privacy, and tour around.
How unglamorous it really is. To be away from your family,
your spouse, your home for days maybe months at a time.

So Joe is the keyboardist for Brandon Heath. They are also
roommates in Joes new home, Nashville. We met Brandon, he
was amazingly nice! We decided we should head out, and go
to the mall, shop a bit. We go, thanks to runners that are from the area
and give their time to shuttle the bands around. We come back, hang out,
meet some people, have coffee in the alley, talk some more. We eventually
make our way inside, and since its Sunday they did a devotional. I was
pleasantly surprised. It was short but sweet, most band members were there,
and some crew. It was quiet inspiring. After that, the show started. Kellen and I got
to go where we pleased, Joe got us all access passes, so I started in with
my camera. I got some stellar shots.

We did learn one thing, life isn't always greener on the other side.
Touring, and doing the whole thing would be amazing! ABSOLUTELY
brilliant... at the right time in your life for a few months. I have a greater
respect for these guys since hanging out with them, and see how much work
and time and effort they put into their career.

Joe (9 of 22)

Joe (6 of 22)

Joe (8 of 22)

Joe (12 of 22)

Joe (3 of 22)

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Blog (1 of 7)

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Joe (15 of 22)

Joe (21 of 22)

And this is Third Day..

Blog (5 of 7)

Blog (6 of 7)

Blog (4 of 7)

Blog (7 of 7)

Thank you Joe for hanging out, hooking us up with all the good stuff!
Good luck on Tour! Hope to see you Soon!


Sarah - from Dinatown again said...

they should let you go on tour with them and take pictures!

jonathan edmund said...

Ashley....how do you take such amazing photographs?!?!?

Anonymous said...

great shots, but why have you not introduced him to you-know-who?


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