Hello. We are Ash & Kellen. We are WeeNo Photography.


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Hello & Happy Easter.
I wanted to do a quick little post about what's
going on here at WeeNo Photography.
which is...ALOT!

I'm absolutely amazed at the business I have been..
umm.... WE have been getting! Its brilliant.
I have to give all thanks to Jesus. He told me this year
would be about a few things, and photography was one of them.

We have shot 2 weddings already (amongst other things), have 3 more booked,
and another couple in the sorts! I'm so honored people
like my stuff, and want to hire us to shoot and capture their day!
Kellen and I absolutely stoked about getting this work.
With all this work we are starting to feel like a real legit business!
We are working getting a logo, some colours, finish our website,
do some brochures, and prints. We would love to quit our day job
and just do photography! The way its going, I might be able to do that!

The season has started for weddings, and engagements! Which is
absolutely exciting! Its so exciting to be able to share and capture the day
that all girls (and boys too? maybe) look forward to. The love in the air,
and beauty, and the details that come with each wedding. At each wedding
you can really get a feeling of who the couple are, and that is our job to
capture it.

Okay, well enough about that. I'm also here to tell you that for those of you
who live in the wonderful central valley area and are thinking about wanting
us to take your photo, nows the time to book! Our plans are up in the air as of now,
but we know that we took a wedding at the end of August, and I think that will
be the last of the season for us. So! If you want your photos done.. wedding, couple,
family, baby, seniors, ANYTHING! contact us soon! We are getting busy, and calendar
is getting full rather fast. We would love to get to know those of you who read our blog,
and go and spend some time with you! So contact us for more information..
e-mail us? // ashleylama@hotmail.com
phone us? // 559.904.1939

Until then.
we couldn't do a post without photos.
The lighting was so AMAZING on saturday evening
that we had to go out and shoot.
forgive some not in focus photos, it was all timer.

HOPE to hear from YOU SOON!





Ashley & Kellen
WeeNo Photography


jonathan edmund said...

I LOVE YOU ASH! These pics are great, made me laugh out loud. I'm not getting married this year, but soon...

Anonymous said...

I miss you guys!

I LOVE these pictures!
love loVE LOVE!


kirsten said...

wow... i love your pics! amazing! you both look brilliant! i wish i could get married soon so that you guys could take pictures of that special day... :P but nothing yet there... hehe

miss you!!!

Sophia said...

love the photos!

nancy tasker said...

HI Ashley: Would like to discuss a photo shoot with you at LaSelva Beach in early Oct. Jimmy and I have a beach house for the month of Oct. and were thinking of having a "5 year anniversary" picture - your thoughts, $$$ that you charge and availability?

Rachel Lane said...

all i could think when i saw this post was "i l-word you i l-word you i l-word you" over and over and over.... then i realized that everyone else that posted said the same thing. so, lets be unpredictable.

I HATE THAT YOU ARE THE MOST AWESOME PERSON AND I'M NO WHERE NEAR YOU!!!!!!!! good gollly best friend. ya makin me sweat.

Best Ella Dresse said...

your outfit is brilliant.
and you are, too!

Emma said...

hello girl! Love your pictures. But I am constantly thrilled about your excitement and positive thinking. you're (a) brilliant :) European hugs!

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