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she is..

Pin It If any of you know me you know how important my mom is to me. She pretty much raised me, and I am defiantly her daughter. She has been the best mom I could ever ask for, she has encouraged me to do whatever I wanted, and told me I could be whatever I wanted to be. She has encouraged me in my relationship with God, and has been my rock and constant in my life. 
It was her and I for 12 years. We were a team, we slept in the living room together, her on the couch, and me an air mattress. People thought we were crazy, but thats the way we did it. She has been my best friend, and always will be my best friend. I'm not sure how I will survive if I don't have her around, or at least a phone call away. She always has the best advice, even my high school friends would ask her for advice. My mom, she has this way with people. Its a magic power I think. No matter who the person, no matter how long they have known her, she will have you pouring out your soul and your life story and she will sit, she will listen, and she will love and care for you no matter what. She sees the inside and will love you no matter what. 

I'm writing all this because we need your prayers, and we need lots of them. 

I normally don't like to write my problems on the blog, but I really feel like God is asking me to do this. 

My mom was diagnosed with cancer this week. She has been sick for the past few months, and we have all been worried.. although none of us expected such a big shock. They found a large star shaped tumour on her left lung, and its been tested positive for cancer. We are still learning what it is, what stage its at, and what the treatment plan is. As of now, we have found out that they think its not operable, but they want to start chemo and/or radiation as soon as possible. In two weeks we will see if it has spread. 

I will be going home, to California, in a week from Saturday. I'm leaving my husband, and my "life" here. I'm scared as to what is going to happen in the next few weeks/months. I believe that God has a plan, and that he CAN heal her. I'm just asking for prayers. Kellen and I are signing a 10 month lease here in Denver, and I'm leaving and he is starting work. I'm praying that we can make rent each month, and that God will provide... (plane tickets=expensive) 

So.. if you've made it through this whole blog, thank you. Thank you for caring enough about me, and my family, and please PLEASE pray for my wonderful mother! 

These are photos of Kellen and my wedding. We are both so close to her, we asked her to marry us.. And here is the most amazing lady in all her glory! 







Kaarins said...

love you AND your mum! i'm so glad i know her. i got your backs!

My Day Job Photography said...

I know I dont know you (I live in KY), I just follow your blog and think your pictures are beautiful. Please know that I will be praying for you and all this unforeseen expenses and especially for your mothers physical healing in a special way since I am a nurse. God bless.

arielsmiles said...

I will definitely be praying for your mom!
I can completely relate, my mom is and foreseeably always will be my best and closest friend. <3

Ben & Chelsa said...

Ash, I sure hope that one day i have the special honour of sitting down to tea with your momma. I am praying for her and your family! Love you Ash!

CCH Photography said...

I will definitely be praying for you and your family. May God be near to your mom and bring full and complete healing to her body. Amen! I feel the same way about my momma. We are so blessed! I know that you, your laugh, and brilliant personality with be a strength and huge support for your Mom through all of this. Keep praying big prayers darlin! Love you!

Kristin said...

I am so very sorry...I will definitely keep that in my prayers. So glad she does not have to go through this alone :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. Please know that I will be praying for all of you especially your mom. Continue to have faith in the Lord because he will answer all our prayers. -Sandy Clemente

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures Ashley...thank you for posting your thoughts and honoring your Mom in this way. The power of prayer is essential to full and complete healing. We are praying here in Scotts Valley - Love you lots and love your Mom bunches ~ Nancy

Sarah Hartley said...

i am praying for you lady and your mom! God can Heal!! yes yes! I will come and see you when I am Dinuba/Reedley for longer then 24 hours. :-)


Adriane said...

.....This picute is wonderful. It captures the love between you two. Adriane

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