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Joni Mitchell. God. Family.

Pin It Two and a half weeks ago today I lost my mum. Fourteen days ago, I wrote "mum. love. india." 

I'm in awe and truly inspired. I feel blessed. I feel loved. I feel supported. I hope everyone who loses someone has as much support and love as I have had. I'm overwhelmed (in the best way possible!) by the people, by the cards, by the money that has come in in the past days. It makes everything okay. I have the best stories now, and the best memories. People have shared their hearts with me, and shared with me what my mum meant to them. So many good memories, which make up for the best smiles and laughs. 

At her reception, or "celebration of life" on Saturday I got to meet so many of you, and got to hug you, and thank you. I felt so blessed, and after I walked away from it all on Saturday I strangely felt "fed". I think its such an odd, but amazing feeling to feel that after such a sad moment. Someone shared with me, that she walked away wanting to be a better person. IT WAS PERFECT! So exactly what my mum would have wanted. There were over 400 people at her celebration. They all loved her, and I'm grateful to everyone one of you who came and everyone who wished they could be there. I wish I could have hugged and talked to each and every one of you. I wish I could hear your story. 

With that, so many read my blog. People who I didn't even realize knew about my blog, or  were telling me that they wanted to help with India. In one week I had over $1000.00! WOW! Its truly a gift that you are giving me. I now have the funds for my trip, and whatever is left we have decided to drill a well in my mums name. We will give clean water for all the mums, for all the dads, brothers, sisters, and little kids to drink, to bathe in, to enjoy for the next however many years. THAT IS HUGE! Again, I can't tell you how thankful I am for all your support. I want you to know that I am going in the name of my mum, but I'm just the body that gets to go. Its all in us. We are all going, we are all helping. We are all doing good. We are being better people. My mum has brought so much good, in what could be the saddest days of my (our) life. Again, THANK YOU!

I had my first meeting today for India. There are a total of 4 of us. A Media team. We get to go and do what we were made for, and use the talent that God has given us and help the widowers, the orphans, and the organization. We leave the 28th of February and return the 12th of March. Its a quick trip, but its going to be incredible. We will be flying to Chennai, and going to a village 3 hours away. We will get to stay in the "girls home" and live a bit of their life. Get to enjoy a bit of what they enjoy, and endure a bit of what they endure. It will be emotional, it will be happy, it will be hard, but most of all it will be what God wants it to be. 

India. God. Mum.
Mum. Love. India.

Its happening. I'm going, I'm using my talents. You helped. Again, thank You from the bottom of my heart. My mum is smiling, decorating, and dancing in Heaven. She is looking down on us, and is happy. I'm proud to call her my mum, and am thankful for the time I had with her. She taught me so much, and her legacy will still live on. 

I made this slideshow for the Celebration of Life..
Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now
Its a perfect depiction of my mum...

If you did donate money I want to send you updates!! I don't have email address for all of you. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE shoot me an email at ashley@weenophotography.com
I want to keep you updated, show you photos, and tell you exactly what is happening. Also, feel free to email me anytime to ask questions, to ask whats up, or just to say hi! Thanks so much..


Susan Hale said...

Dear Asheley,
A mutual friend sent me your blog and your beautiful and moving slide show about your Mum. I knew her as Jan, my high school friend who said she wanted to get her Ph.D. in Psychology when we were seniors. I knew that is not where her life led her. But she did receive a Ph.D.in kindness.

She opened her beautiful country home to me when my own mother and father were in a nursing home. Whenever I was in Hanford I knew I had this place to stay or rest and comfort when I was going through a difficult time in my life. She was there with wise council and good humor. She even let me drive around in her Lincoln so I was in style.

I am blessed to have known her. We wrote to each other when she traveled around the world. I know there were many more places she wanted to visit and I am so happy for you that your dream of going to India is becoming a reality. I know she will be with you, smiling,knowing that you are carrying on a family tradition of kindness. You are your mother's daughter.

With love,
Susan Hale (Susie Hawkins)

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