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unbelievably calm.

Pin It Its 8.13 AM on the 28th of February. I am trying to get some last minute work done, and trying to think if I have forgotten anything. 

Today I'm going to India.
Today, I am going to go India for my mum.
Today, I am going to continue her legacy.
Today, I'm unbelievably calm.

I'm bursting at the seems to be able to see the photos I'm going to take. I'm doing this for me, for her, for all of you. Its a big deal, yet its not. Its so meant to be. Its so God. Its so her. Its so perfect.

Thank you for everything. Thank you for letting me take this trip, thanks for the prayers, the support, and the love. Right now, 42 minutes before I take this journey, I'm feeling all of it.



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