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emanuels tv. its pretty retro
his bathroom.. i like it. it warms
I was trying to entertain myself while they 
were gone.
emanuel in his sweet town
the three boys
oh man. so happy!
Jump Ruben!
The Kitchen


The view from Emanuels flat
pay to park
eat your "thai" food
swedish american feet
walking to food
I have made it to Sweden. I spent my first day in a daze; wondering if I was really in this land called Sweden with these people I haven't seen in 3 years. In fact it was true.

   Since traveling with YWAM so much in the past 3 1/2 years you tend to make friends that are not only from the states but from the rest of the world. I have come to Sweden, not only to see the beauty of Sweden, but to see the boys who I lived with in Fiji for 5 1/2 months.  I like to claim them as "my swedish" boys... Ruben and Emanuel. 
   Yesterday, we went for lunch, then coffee. I got a phone call from a Gerald, the german. He is living in Sweden, and happened to be in Gothenburg. So he met up with us and enjoyed the city as well.
I had my camera along, and decided that I needed to do a portrait of each of them. They all did brilliant. I was actually quite impressed at the modeling skills they brought to me. 

   Today. Wednesday. I slept. I slept till 12.30, and had lunch with Emanuel. He made an awesome tortollini (sp?) and spinich alfredo? sauce. It was nice. Then, he went back to school. I'm doing some catch up, and editing photos, and trying to find transportation to Munich. Its looking like a stop in Coppenhagen is going to be in place. We'll see.

     The adventures of Gothenburg.. day number 1



jonathan edmund said...

so jealous of you! tell those guys I say hi.

Kathryn said...

Yay Sweden! Beautiful photos, beautiful people.

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