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Welcome To Burtigny Switzerland

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Here I sit at my table, at my computer, in my classroom, in Switzerland.

  I've made it, after a 9 hour long train ride. Cliff, my friend from the SOP that I staffed, who now staffs my school picked me up in Gland. Its about 10 minutes from the base. It was night, and there wasn't much to see. I arrived to the base, and there I was at my new home for the next three months. I live on the 3rd floor (to the americans, and apparently 2nd to the swiss. First floor is the 2nd, and the 1st is the ground.. confusing) and my classroom is just up another flight of stairs in the attack. I have an okay sized room. Two bunk beds with three girls. A 20 year old from Germany, and a 26 year old from New Zealand. They are both on my school, we are the only girls. 3 girls, 6 guys and heaps of staff. 

   Our first day was yesterday. It was chill, and full of orientation. YWAM is good at that. Met almost all the students, two from Nigera, one from Scottland, one from Korea, one from Switzerland, and the two girls both from Germany and Switzerland. The staff is, Zimbabve, Finland, Chile, US, Columbia, and Germany. So its quite full of culture from around the world. Its cool to be the only american. I like that. 

  Oh! and the base is quite small, and the food! BRILLIANT! Its so brilliant! Thai food yesterday, and today they had salmon, and amazing fresh veggies. Good salad, and we all eat together, and ooph its so nice. So much better then the Kona food (sorry Kona). So we went to a town... a class outing yesterday and enjoyed a bit of a walk. I was taking pictures and no one else was taking photos, its a bit of a change to be in a school that isn't full of photographers. Its nice. So we had coffee, and then went around. Cliff and I hung out, we bought huge chocolate bars for 2.40 swiss frank. maybe 2.25 american! yeah right and soo good! 

  So all is well. I start school officially tomorrow. We will go into Illustrator. School. I can do it.

 Oh and for any of you who would like to send me post..
    just an idea.


       Ashley LaMattino
       La Masion
       Route de Begnins 5
       1268 Burtigny



Rachel Lane said...

i learn everything about you from your blog!!! i thank that Lord that you started this!!!! and, i totally just noticed here is your address which i had asked for earlier. haha. so now i have it. i miss you. im praying for you. i love you. keep writing so i can always know whats going on. its always terrible when you're gone. but it looks like you're having an amazing time. love you.

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