Hello. We are Ash & Kellen. We are WeeNo Photography.

California. home. life.

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These are the things that keep coming up. First off, I'm back in Hanford. That should tell you alot, unless you've never been here that is. It just means that all my friends are gone, and my coffee shop job is gone as well. Sad. That brings us to work. Work seems to bring us to money. Work and Money they go hand in hand. Should I try to solely survive on photography? I don't know. Its seems rather unrealistic, although I had a suggestion of putting up some fliers around the High schools. We'll see. 

Cats. Well well, Kellen is allergic to cats. Are you looking for two sweet cats? Because I will give them to you. So we are in the question of whether his wheezing is worth him staying in the house, or whether he should move. And this just brings up life. Life in General. 

Its a hard task at times. I am looking at buying a new camera, and some new "L" Series lens' and rebuilding my website, and business cards, and trying to update my stuff, and keep on this stuff. So stay tuned, I'll let you know as soon as a website gets up. It will by the end of this month. I hope. 

Kellen has now started keeping a blog. He's caught up with the times. So if you want to read the life of kellen check him out.

I have heaps of photos to up up. I did turn 23 on the 8th so plenty of birthday photos. maybe? we'll see! 


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