Hello. We are Ash & Kellen. We are WeeNo Photography.

La Mattino Kiddos

Pin It I know, you've seen them alot lately on the blog.
BUT.. they are pretty cute.
Their mum asked me to take some
"official" WeeNo Photography pictures to put in the living room.
We dressed them up in their "handsome" clothes,
as Corbin would put it and hit the town.

Kellen was there to help carry and lug the props and or kids.
And to help make them happy and smile.
This is what we came up with..


Best Ella Dresse said...

oh my freakin gosh!
i love the pictures so much, they're brilliant!
and yes, viva la helvetica tattoo!
lots and lots of love!

Kat said...

Children and Kellon--seems like a good fit.
The photos are exquisite--I might think it just the subject matter (I mean, c'mon. . .) but no m'am, I've seen you wow me with an orange chair--

Kat said...

I apologize for misspelling Kellen. I suck.

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