Hello. We are Ash & Kellen. We are WeeNo Photography.

San Fran & Dallas Green

Pin It San Fran.
I love it there.
I also love when Dallas Green is there too.
So I bought tickets back when I was in Switzerland.
We went yesterday.
Kellen and I.
Stayed in a hostel,
and didn't take my camera to the show.
but he was brilliant,
it was good.
really good.
Today, today we walked like 500 miles.
okay, not really, but we walked alot.
and it was uphill.
and here are some photos
of that.


Best Ella Dresse said...

why is there euro on the table? i mean, i know it's not real, but why would you put ugly euro bills on a table for decoration?! hope you enjoyed the espresso anyway.. :)

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