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This has nothing to do with WeeNo Photography itself.
But this has everything to do with how crazy life was just
2 months ago.
has it really been that long?

This is my staff, I think it was almost the last day of school, I dont know.
but I do know that we were all crazy by this time, and over everything.

I miss them. I miss living in the community. I miss Switzerland.
I miss my roomate. And doing the Sunday Show.
I don't miss the stress. I don't miss all the work.

In other news!
My new camera and lenses arrived just today and yesterday.
Its a big step in my photography career.
I am shooting a friends wedding this weekend.
Its Kellens first wedding, and my first wedding with the new camera!
I'm stoked about it, and can't wait to put photos up.


Best Ella Dresse said...

i love cindy's action.
the last week was just insane.
i'm excited for some photos, too.
i miss you, roomie!

Cliff said...

Oh I remember that. I think it was supposed to be a meeting where we discussed important things. Yeah. Very fun times.
I hadn't seen that clip, thanks for posting!

Nancy Tasker said...

Hey Ashley: Have fun with your new camera and taking the wedding pictures. Pray, breath and breath, and pray ! Looking forward to seeing the photos on your blog. Love to you and your Mom too. Looking forward to meeting Kellen this year.
Love Nancy

kirsten said...

amazing...!!!! i remember i went up the stairs and saw cliffy dancing on the chair and all the others went crazy... i miss these funny times a lot! miss you

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