Hello. We are Ash & Kellen. We are WeeNo Photography.

Valentines Love

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Lots of stuff going on for WeeNo Photography.
First off.
I got a new camera.
yeah I said that already, but I'm really super excited about it.
I got to shoot my first wedding with it!
And love the wedding I got to shoot!

This is Jacob and Destiny.
I know Destiny from one of the places I have lived in.
We were in Fiji together, and have known each other for
4 years now.
I got an e-mail from her while in Switzerland,
declaring her engagement, and also asking me to shoot
her wedding! I of course, said yes!
It was so good to be there, and see some others from Fiji!
The wedding was beautiful, was at this old brick rustic building.
It was amazing, as was the wedding. They even washed each others
feet. I was so happy to be there, and happy to be able to share these
moments with her and her new husband! Plus, this was Kellens first wedding!
It was so nice to have an extra set of hands, and eyes! He did a brilliant job!

So, this is just a sneak peak of what to come!
Stay tuned for more!

well, Valentines Day and New camera!
what do I want to do?
I want a photo shoot!
So thats exactly what I had.
I've seen this done a bit, well not to
this extreme, but I have this sweet orange
chair in my room and I thought it would look
so cool outside in the green grass, and then Kellen
thought we should bring lamp. I of course agreed.
We piled it up in the car, and went hunting.
Turns out we have a ginormous green field behind us.
And this is what we came up with.
Lots of fun.


Kat said...

Ashley! Wow girly, you are quite talented--before I go any further--this is Kathleen, Jacob's mom. Now back to--Ashley! Wow girl---ooh wait, I already said that . .anywho doll--I did indeed love meeting you and Kellon--wish I could've been a bit more hospitable--but I had this whole, "My-son-is getting-married-day" vibe goin' on.
I love love love the pics! You are amazing.
Tell your Kellon hello for us. Randy (my Babe) said, "That guy" (he's not so good with names) "is a real nice person."
Just so you know--he doesn't say that too often. So now, we will have to adopt both of you.
Come back anytime that you are in town, and we will give you ample photo ops.
Oh yeah--what were you doin in Switzerland?

Zhuliker said...

amazing. As usual. )
Hey Ash, I still need that email with your ideas for the logo. ok?
later alligator.

Best Ella Dresse said...

LOVE the pictures.
i'm really excited to see more.
i hope you are, too.
i think i have difficulties to articulate myself at the moment.
and now i'm even not sure if that's an english word.
you guys rock.

Angela said...

So Beautiful!! This is Angela, Jacob's sister. If you are ever in our area at a time when I happen to have money (very rare) then I would be desperate to hire you to take pics of our girls. You are super talented, I hope this works for you as a business. I know it will!

Luke said...

Very cool! I like the way the shot of Kellen's feet turned out.

Ruben Sweden said...

Ashley, you are mostly the most awesome photographer! Love your picture and your ides! The photos of the kids are so freaking good! All of them are!

Love Ruben

Anonymous said...

best friend. you are so beautiful. and so talented. i love you.

Kaarin said...

gasp!!! the one of kellen's feet!!! and all of the ones of you!! Kellen is SUCH a good partner. GAH!!

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