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Just another Sunday..

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Wake up.
Have a shower.
Head to the airport.
Go for an airplane ride around town.
Just another Sunday for the LaMattino family.
really. its true.
My brother bought a plane while I was out of the country.
I asked for a ride, and so today we went for a ride.
Now, this airplane, this airplane was amazing.
Orange & Brown. pretty 70's. I was in love.
We had a brilliant time, although the fog was still in the air.
The visibility was apparently almost bad enough for it to be illegal to fly.
We braved it, and went anyways.
It was good. And here are some photos.
Maybe you can pretend like you were there to.


NTasker said...

Hi Ashley: These photos are wonderful !! You have captured life without a need for subtitles.
Thanks for the tour over Hanford. I do miss living there, really ! Say Hi to your Mom from the Taskers' ~ Love, Nancy

Anonymous said...

Hello Ashley, I was unable to find an e-mail anywhere, so I thought I'd try to contact you through your blog.

I run my own wedding photography business out of Paso Robles and I am looking for qualified photographers that I can hire to work with me. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, just send me your e-mail. I will give you further information, and then from there we can potentially set up a meeting to discuss things.

I got your business card a long time ago from the coffee place in downtown hanford (and misplaced it) but have regularly checked out your sites. I like the work you do so hopefully you'll respond to this soon. Michael.

Anonymous said...

my e-mail is michaelkenepp@studiompk.com

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