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Jacob & Destiny

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Jacob & Destiny
Redlands Ca.

Kellen and I drove the 6 hours down to Redlands
(although it only took 4 to get home. figure that out)
to meet Destiny and Jacob. Well, I am lucky enough
to know Destiny for the last past 4 years. As we did spend
6 months of our lives in the great country of Fiji together!
I was honored for her to ask me to shoot her wedding, and 
was also excited that this was my first wedding with Kellen
AND my new 5D! 

So the wedding. The was beautiful. It was in this old rustic
wood and brick building. I was in love with it! It was so much
fun to shoot this wedding, and was so happy to be there. 
Destiny and Jacob seem like they belong together, and I 
hope that I captured the love that they had for each other in the
photos. It was overwhelming at the wedding. 
Congratulations Jacob & Destiny!



Zhuliker said...

I love Redlands and I love your photos.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the others. Thank you so much Ashley & Kellen. You both were fantastic & it was a pleasure to meet you both. Wonderful job.
Tanya A.K.A. Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley!!! Those are amazing, I couldn't of asked for better Photographers!!!! Thank you Ash and Kellen, Your work is loved. I really hope that you will get alot more work through this!!! Because this shows your talent!!!
I love you guys

Kat said...

I can't wait til I give the interview, "Oh yeah, me n Ashley are way-tight. She spent a whole afternoon in my dining room . . .yeah--we go way back."

Kat said...

And one more thing:
You are the best photog ever.
The lines, the lighting, the balance--you've struck the exact mood of the event. You did good.

Ben & Chelsa said...

Hey Ashley, I so enjoy your blog, you are rocking the weddings!!! I love it!!! Thanks for your comment, yah...fat me coming up!!! love you always girl!

Kat said...

Oh--and just so you know--EVERYONE of my family and friends who saw the preview of the wedding pics were dumbstruck at your talent.

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