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Pin It So a lot has happened in the past week.   While in Denver I applied for a photographer job
for a company based out of Atlanta..  Once Like A Spark  And out of all of the photographers (apparently hundreds)   and the fifteen that they interviewed  they choose yours truly! Its a God thing. I get to do what I love, and do it full time. Its a huge blessing because I get to work through them, and they let me continue to work with WeeNo, and even encourage me to!! Its quite brilliant. I get to schedule their weddings and mine so I get to do both! Anyways! I shot a wedding in Modesto on Saturday.. My best friends brother..Patrick Aaron. Well he married the lovely Brittanyand here is a sneak peak..

Patrick & Brittany (1 of 1)

Check in tomorrow..
I promise there will be the rest of the maternity shoot! 


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