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Pregnant and Adorable!

Pin It This is just a little teaser of a pregnant shoot I did today.
This is Theresa and she is 34 weeks
and HUGE!

She worked with me,
considering it was my first ever Maternity shoot.

This is one of my favorites..

Preggers2 (1 of 1)

P.S. There has been a lack of comments as of late.
Is it because you've lost interest?
The Holidays?
Or I just haven't put anything worth commenting on?!


Jessica Peck said...

comments comments comments!

I always get so excited when you have a new post. Can't wait til our wedding is up here!!

bjf photography said...

i wish you lived close to me so you could take my belly pics! looking forward to seeing some more!

and i have to admit, i hadn't checked your blog lately...looks great. i guess life's been kinda crazy lately. i've neglected to blog much myself!

Kristin said...

haha maybe because you don't comment back? no idear! definitely not your work, though.

deborah r.g. said...

looking forward to the rest :-) howd the other shoots go?

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