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I Heart Canadians

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Dominika and I met in Fiji, during our DTS with YWAM.
We bonded then, and now make a effort to see each other
every year. Its worked out so far.
Doms came to visit for a week, and of course, Kellen and I
HAD to go out and shoot. (and I got to use the new baby, the 5D)
Its turning spring here in California, and the flowers are blossoming;
what better place to go but an orchard and a field!
We had such a good time. Dominika is gorgeous, and so much fun.

Also. while you look at this, you can tell there is a different look.
I have been inspired by some other photographers that Kellen and I
both follow.. or stalk.. on a daily basis. I am also redesigning the website.
So enjoy the new look, and tell me how you feel!


Kat said...

Great shots Ash and Kel! (see how we are such old friends that I have shortened your names to indicate my familiarity?) (how sad it that?)
Oh, by the way--this is Destiny's mama-in-law.
You do indeed share your world with the grace and brilliance that makes me want to go there. Wherever there is.
Be safe.
Love Jesus.

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