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E-session with Jordan & Christina

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Meet Jordan & Christina.
I went to school with Christina, but haven't talked or heard
from her for 4 or possibly 5 years. I got an e-mail from her,
telling me that she was getting married and wanted to possibly
have me take the engagement photos. So we met, and decided a day
and Saturday was that day. We went out, all 4 of us, Kellen included
and did some trespassing. Kellen and I have been dying to shoot at
this old barn, so we took them out there, and shot away. They loved
it just as much as we did, and we got some pretty stellar shots.

They are getting married in August, and hopefully we will get to
shoot their wedding. It was such a blast to hang out with these two,
and get to capture their love!


jonathan edmund said...

beautiful photos!! I'm so excited about using some of your photos in my book of poetry! <3

bjf photography said...

man, i wanna move there just to use that sweet spot for shoots! i love the far back shot with the two of them on opposite ends! how creative! and the shot with the sun coming through the barn...these are great! keep rockin that talent ash...!

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