Hello. We are Ash & Kellen. We are WeeNo Photography.

6 years and counting

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Its been busy here at WeeNo Photography.
I've been pounding away at editing photos, and getting
things done before we leave for Wisconsin (Kellens sister
is getting married) on Tuesday the 17th.

Dominika left, and we had a blast, we went to San Fran and the coast; maybe
one day I'll get some of those up. It was Brilliant!
Then working overnighters. Phew!

But I had some time this week to go out with my nephew,
Corbin, who turned 6 on March 2nd. And if you knew him,
or ran into him, you would have known! He got heaps of
star wars stuff, Kellen and I were included on that star wars
adventure of toys. Legos. Who knew they were so expensive.
Kellen and Doms even got so creative that they drew
Yoda and CP3O on the wrapping paper! The kids, and ADULTS
were all throughly impressed.

So long ago, before I was a real photog, Corbin would go to
Sears portrait studio and he won this life time.. okay 10 years worth
of free photos. So they have been going for the past 6 years.
But this year, he asked if Kellen and I could take his photos. We
of course jumped at the chance and said yes. No sears.. no thanks.
i know how that get-up works, I worked there for a horrible 3 months
of my life. anyways. We went out, to the back yard, brought his little
mini rocking chair along, and had a blast. He was so good, and is turning
into quite the model. I'm throughly impressed at how good he does.

So here's the one and only 6 year old CORBIN JAMES!


Anonymous said...

Oh My GOD! Ashley those pictures are FANTASTIC!!! Corbin is just great in ALL of thos pix. I need to order some from you. Papa Bill

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