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80's CrazyBooth!

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Crazybooth meets the 80's

For Andrew and Amber's rehearsal dinner,
they thought they would do a themed party.
These families took that for serious.
They took the 80's to a new limit.
I was impressed.
Kellen and I made a makeshift softbox,
cardboard box, light, plastic bag, and some zip ties,
and brought it to the pizza place, along with some props.
It happened here at WeeNo Photography.
It was a blast.
I even sneaked into one photo.
Can you find me!?
Listen to some Flock of Seagulls, or Boy George,
whoever, and take a flash back to the 80's!


bjf photography said...

you guys are the best...love the crazy creativity! were you up all night...i saw you commented on my blog at like 5am? that would be you to pull an all nighter....

Anonymous said...

this is one party i needed to be invited to!
it's bodacious, tubular, and totally radtastic!

Best Ella Dresse said...

i love them!!!
and the clothes!
the jeans jacket!
and then that older couple with the boom box, awesome!!
oh i wanna have an eighties party now!!

kirsten said...

these pics are hilarious! :) i love them and also the new posts! miss you around....

Jesalyn Nicole. said...
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