Hello. We are Ash & Kellen. We are WeeNo Photography.

The Browns

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High School.
5 girls.

we equalled the "browns"
i know cheezy. but hey its HS.
So Katie lives in Portland, with Hillary
Karen lives in LA (she unfortunately was NOT there)
Jes here,
and me. I'm not sure where I live

So, its been awhile since we have been together,
and it was great.
we even brought the boys,
some of us.
and had some ice cream at the
infamous Superior Dairy.

Doms, you met her in the last post,
she has been here, and hung out with the browns
quite a bit, we call here the "honorary member"
was there as well.

I brought the camera, and did a little session
with each one.
then Kellen brought out his big guns,
and shot us all.
He made us look awesome.
although, we are pretty bad word awesome.
So enjoy the "Browns"

This is Katie.. shes a twin... her twin is in LA..
Katie lives in Portland

This is Jesalyn. She lives here in Hanford. She is our halfrican.

Hillary. Hillary is the youngest of us. She is living in Portland with Katie


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