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The Friday Introduction

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Its Friday! You know what that means! A new person for you to get to know!

This week, we have a classmate, and a staff member from the base.

Solwoong Kim
AKA Tim.

Solwoong is 21.
Hes from Korea.
His "english" name is Tim.
So thats what I like to call him.

Hes brilliant in photoshop, and 
is an aspiring architect.
He despises his work duties, 
and loves drinking chocolate milk.

Tim could make it in my top 3 favorite Koreans!!!

Elin Madsen

She is 27.
Norway is the birthplace for Miss Elin.
Her job her in Burtigny is our cook!
That means, that she keeps us fed and happy.
I'm especially indebted to her because she always
seems to remember the only vegetarian and sets
some veggies aside for me!

Its so good to be around people from around the world.
It always brings a bit of "spice" (?) to the  daily life.
Learning different cultures, and how different they all are.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I know I will.
Stay tuned for the SUNDAY SHOW with Viola and Ashley,
and also some new photos!!


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