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The Winter is Here

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You see that! Its snow. Its the first snowfall of the year! We woke up this morning and there was snow on the mountains above us! EXCITING I must say. I am a little nervous about living in snow, but quite excited about it as well.

So at lunch, I had a couple hours to spare so I headed up the mountain with two others..both being french. I practiced my french.. good job ashley.. anyways, we went for 15 minutes and had such a good time. On the way there, I was yelling along with Timothy, who drove us, we acted as if we were 5 and had never seen snow before. It was brilliant. Thank you Jesus for such things!

AND!! It snowed here in Burtigny tonight! We all went out, and I enjoyed the snow with 2 Nigerians who had never seen snow in their lives. Brilliant! 


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