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In Design= Death

Pin It If you know me, you know that i'm quite dramatic. well. i'm being just that today. and this week..

   its wednesday 12.01 and i'm in the classroom. let me set the scene for you. 
   lights on. people are working frantically. eyes are turning red from staring at computer screens all day. Adobe's InDesign is open on almost all computers screen, with the occasional facebook page open. Ear phones are on, some other music is playing in the background along with the click click of finger tips tapping the keyboards. There are grunts of frustration, and the cool air from outside blowing in through the ceiling windows. CD, Plates, paper, thumb nails, magazines, colour charts, wires, pens, rulers are surrounding everyones computers, and fingers. its wednesday night, and we have to have a full on CD designed and printed by friday 12.30. not just the cd, not just the cover, but everything! the front, the back, the inlet, the booklet, the everything!!

   So the assignment. We were grouped into teams, and have to pick a band and design the CD for a new record out for them. The new record being one that we made up.

  Its been a frustrating week, I'm not sure exactly why, but for most of the class we have been just stressed out over the whole program. We go for coffee downstairs, and want to scream. A select few.. okay just Joseph and I go to the punching bag and go at it for 10 or 15 minutes. It helps the frustrations, but does a number on the knuckles. But I do have to be thankful for people who see the frustration and make special treats for us. we had vegan brownies made for us by a wonderful lady who lives here and works at the women and childrens advocacy. her family and her are from the states, and are environmental, and quite brilliant. the more i get to know them, the more they shock and amaze me. i was even asked by them to take their family photos on saturday! something to look forward too!! anyways, off the tangent. life is busy and a little stressful.

   only two days more, then the weekend. we can do it.... i hope


jonathan edmund said...

I looaaathe InDesign. grrr to that program. But i'm good at it so we have a working relationship, where i just use it and pretend i'm not and then it's over. it'll get better, i promise.

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