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horrible weekend.

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  so i dont know if your a devout sunday show watcher yet, but its passed sunday for us here in switzerland. ive had a long long weekend, my computer crashed! yup, a new hardrive will hopefully be bought tomorrow and i'll be starting brand new. so no more photoshop, no more indesign, no more adobe. goodbye programs..music...movies.. anything else that was on it. and to add to it, we went to go pick up one of our staff, cliff (who took the sop when i staffed) at the train station, and he wasn't there. its 3 hours later and we arent sure where he is.. he went to paris for the weekend.

 so needless to say, its been a long day, and viola the co anchor is asleep, and i will go join  her in room 220 here in burtigny switzerland. we will post pone our sunday show till tomorrow. so sleep well to all. lets all pray that this coming week will be better.....


thedesigner said...

Hi Ashley,

I'll be teaching the SDC next week on Dreamweaver and web design. Thanks for your blog - it helps me to get into the SDC before arriving! Sorry to hear you had such a bad weekend - has your hard disk turned up yet? Did Cliff turn up? Hope this week is better!


Ben & Chelsa said...

hey Ashley! that totally sucks about your HD, i feel your pain. But didn't you ever partition your external like Dennis said to and then back up with Super Duper? So I got my HD in the mail like the next day, and then i installed it (yep, pretty proud of myself!) , and had to do those 2 install discs that come with the Mac (thankgoodness ben's worked with mine!)...and then there was this option about transfering...and i was like "hey!maybe jut maybe i am in luck!" sure enough, i hooked up my external and it transferred my laptop backup! so i didn't loose any programs like I thought i would! I hope the same is true for you. and totally CRAZY that this happened to us practically at the same time. freaky.

I love you girl!
you are amazing

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